Rare Passenger model with Sapphire scales. The Passenger is a Victorinox 91mm 3-layer model, that will appeal to the minimalist looking for the Magnifying Glass or Inline Phillips tools, and not concerned about the Scissors tool. Discontinued model.

Alpineer from Canada series (actually Passenger)
Alpineer from Canada series (actually Passenger)
A very early Victorinox/Victoria Passenger model (91mm). The date of manufacture is estimated to be early 1970s. It has some older features such as a

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard Red Cellidor scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 17.3mm
  • Weight: 80.3g



This knife is the predecessor of the modern Explorer which adds a scissors.

Victorinox reported (2010.01.29) that the exact date of production cannot be determined for this model. They speculate that it was probably available prior to 1992 as a 'special production'. A model casually known as the 'Alpineer' (due to its large metal inlay with graphic and text on the top scale) appears to have been one of these special runs. However; empirical information shows that this tool configuration was available much earlier. The Battle of St. Jakob was released in 1987 and has the nearly identical configuration. In addition a sample was uncovered that shows this model goes back at least as far as the very early nineteen seventies, and for a while used the official model number of (1 57 03 / 1.5703) which happens to also be the model number used for the early Explorer models.

While this model can be hard to find they have been showing up increasingly on online auction sites since 2008.

Related Knives

  • Explorer - adds scissors.
  • Spartan Lite - replaces Magnifying Glass with LED Light, adds mini-screwdriver.
  • Scientist - Combo Tool instead of individual opener tools, no small Blade, and no Reamer.
  • Yeoman - Combo Tool instead of individual opener tools and no Reamer, adds Scissors.
  • Battle of St. Jakob - same tools, a limited edition collector's knife commemorating the 1444 Battle of St. Jacob.

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