Spartan Lite

Victorinox Spartan Lite The Spartan Lite is a Victorinox 91mm Swiss Army Knife. Building on the ubiquitous Spartan, an additional layer is added in the middle containing a LED Light and Phillips screwdriver. While technically adding only one layer, the LED/Phillips layer is as thick as two typical layers; making this three layer knife as wide as a four layer Huntsman. However, even with its 4 layer equivalent width, the Spartan Lite is the thinnest model still in production that includes the inline-Phillips screwdriver. The light is not very bright, but quite useful for finding keyholes, late night navigation without disturbing others, and close-up tasks where many lights can be too bright.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

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The translucent ruby Cellidor scales are most common, but translucent Green, or Emerald, scales have been available. Other colors may also be available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 84g




  • 53451 US Model: Ruby Transparent Scales
  • 50451QVC US Model: Ruby Transparent Scales, reason for different identifier is unknown
  • 1.7804.T1 Victorinox AN: Ruby Transparent Scales
  • 1.7804.T4 Victorinox AN: Emerald Green Translucent Scales

Related Knives 

  • Spartan - original two layer knife which omits the LED Light light and Phillips screw driver.
  • Passenger - replaces LED light with magnifying glass, no mini-screwdriver.
  • CyberTool 29 - replaces light and Phillips with the inline bit-driver.
  • Huntsman Lite - adds a woodsaw, scissors, hook, pressurized pen, and straight pin.
  • Voyager Lite - adds scissors, multipurpose hook with nail file, pressurized pen, straight pin, and digital display featuring a clock with alarm, count down, and timer.
  • Traveller Lite - extends the Voyager Lite with altimeter/barometer/thermometer digital functions.
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