Wenger 65mm

Model number 16190 is a Fire Red MicroLight Pocket Toolchest The Wenger 65mm knives are small pocket knives that are also commonly attached to a key chain. The small size of the 65mm series knives makes them convenient to carry all the time. This series offers the widest variety of handle colors and patterns, to allow for a more personalized tool.

Since the merging of the Victorinox and Wenger product lines in 2014 - all of these models are withdrawn, however some are still available as Victorinox Delémonts.

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18x13 pixels  AirTraveler
Model 16803 Red EvoGrip 81
EvoGrip 81
Wenger Swiss Clipper AT
Swiss Clipper AT

18x13 pixels  Bernina Mini Spot Light
18x13 pixels  Bottle Mate
Image  Chairman
18x13 pixels  Crusader
Image  Crusader Money Clip
18x13 pixels  Esquire - includes Microlight, EVO, and EvoGrip versions
18x13 pixels  Esquire Money Clip - Money Clip
Image  Executive Golf Pro
18x13 pixels  EVO 81  see: Esquire
Image  EVO 88  see: Pocket Tool Chest
18x13 pixels  Imperial  see: Esquire
18x13 pixels  Lithos
Image  Macao
18x13 pixels  Money Clip  see: Esquire Money Clip
Image  NailClip 580  see: Swiss Clipper
18x13 pixels  OptiTool
18x13 pixels  Pocket Tech
Image  Pocket Tool Chest - includes Microlight versions
Image  President  see: Crusader
18x13 pixels  Serrated Squire  see: OptiTool
18x13 pixels  Swiss Clipper - includes EVO versions
18x13 pixels  Swiss Clipper AT - Air Travel version
18x13 pixels  Titanium  see: Esquire
18x13 pixels  Viceroy Interlock  see: Esquire
Image  Wood 01  see: Esquire

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