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Pictures of tools for 91mm Victorinox knives.
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111mm Awl
(640x480) [57139 Hits]

5 loops grooved corkscrew
(640x480) [3287 Hits]

91mm Corkscrews Grooved and non-Grooved
(262x269) [22963 Hits]

91mm Divot Repair Tool
(319x186) [13218 Hits]

91mm file a
(768x461) [968 Hits]

91mm file b
(922x490) [1080 Hits]

91mm metal saw side a
(800x480) [8181 Hits]

91mm metal saw side b
(800x520) [7906 Hits]

91mm Reamer pre 1985
(618x276) [53650 Hits]

91mm Short and Regular Tweezers
(397x100) [16128 Hits]

91mm Victorinox Original Golfer-bottom view
(640x480) [5634 Hits]

Altimeter Inside
(800x600) [3698 Hits]

Analog Clock Small Image
(116x132) [4047 Hits]

Analog Timepieces
(311x264) [10791 Hits]

Back Side Phillips Screwdrivers Folded
(356x369) [19397 Hits]

Bakers knife Blade
(3124x1112) [7435 Hits]

Can opener PAT.
(640x480) [3376 Hits]

Cap lifter with screwdriver, wire stripper and bender
(640x480) [3993 Hits]

(640x480) [3282 Hits]

(433x249) [18466 Hits]

Digital Altimeter & Barometer Display
(289x207) [6968 Hits]

Digital Clock Display
(288x204) [7295 Hits]

In-line Phillips
(472x128) [17595 Hits]

In-line Phillips - Profile View
(472x332) [7072 Hits]

Long Nail File Nick
(640x480) [15042 Hits]

Mini screwdrivers - 6 variations
(1800x1200) [4747 Hits]

(110x340) [11498 Hits]

(353x600) [4466 Hits]

Mini-Screwdriver stored in Corkscrew
(88x404) [15309 Hits]

Multi-Purpose Hook Comparison
(640x480) [42043 Hits]

Multi-Purpose Hook with file
(640x480) [4841 Hits]

Phillips 1992 Version
(357x99) [18532 Hits]

Phillips Early Square Version with File
(357x88) [18411 Hits]

Safari 108mm Awl
(640x480) [56018 Hits]

Screwdriver-Mini types
(1900x1544) [1041 Hits]

(640x480) [4833 Hits]

(1077x200) [4034 Hits]

(640x480) [5459 Hits]

Tweezers & Scale Insertion
(298x139) [17394 Hits]

Victorinox 91mm Fish Scaler with Ruler
(401x242) [19431 Hits]

Victorinox 91mm Knife Blades
(375x498) [72861 Hits]

Victorinox 91mm Removable Pen
(395x95) [20272 Hits]

Victorinox 91mm Removable-Pen Held With Hook
(395x186) [21470 Hits]

Victorinox 91mm size Long Nail File
(640x480) [16914 Hits]

Victorinox Bail
(640x480) [15275 Hits]

Victorinox Bottom Phillips
(640x480) [4904 Hits]

Victorinox Chisel
(148x399) [16332 Hits]

Victorinox Fine Screwdriver Evolution
(600x370) [12601 Hits]

Victorinox Magnifying Glass
(640x480) [5635 Hits]

Victorinox Magnifying Glass
(224x305) [26518 Hits]

Victorinox Metal Saw
(640x480) [23958 Hits]

Victorinox Pharmaceutical Spatula
(296x631) [16009 Hits]

Victorinox Pharmacuetical Spatula on an XLT
(640x480) [5016 Hits]

Victorinox Pliers Evolution
(400x210) [25596 Hits]

Victorinox Pliers Evolution
(800x995) [9655 Hits]

Victorinox Rainier Serrated Blade close up
(640x480) [9649 Hits]

Victorinox Scissors - Bronze Pivot - 91mm
(258x246) [23842 Hits]

Victorinox Straight-Pin in Storage Slot
(405x259) [18529 Hits]

Victorinox Tool Usage Illustrations - Japanese
(1179x1230) [16336 Hits]

Victorinox Toothpicks compare
(640x480) [18183 Hits]

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