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A gallery of Victorinox 58mm models that have sports team logos on them. Includes college and pro teams, both major and minor leagues. The NFL series has at least two versions, the original and a later series issued around 1997-1998 with revamped logos.
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Baltimore Orioles
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2653 Hits]

California Angels
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2518 Hits]

NFL Classic for the San Diego Chargers
[2724 Hits]

Chicago White Sox
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2608 Hits]

Cincinnati Reds MLB Classic
MLB Classic series Cincinnati Reds
[2670 Hits]

Colorado Rockies
Colorado Rockies MLB sports team
[1714 Hits]

Dallas Cowboys
Victorinox NFL Classic for the Dallas Cowboys
[2585 Hits]

Dallas Cowboys
Blue version for the Dallas Cowboys NFL Team
[1582 Hits]

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos NFL Classic
[2700 Hits]

Detroit Lions Classic
A classic with the Detroit Lions logo on it. From the late 80s or early 90s.
[4131 Hits]

Detroit Tigers Classic
A classic with the Detroit Tigers logo on it. From the late 80s or early 90s.
[3776 Hits]

Florida Marlins US Baseball Classic
new Florida Marlins US Baseball Victorinox Classic
[3281 Hits]

Jacksonville Jaguars
A second version of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars
[2562 Hits]

NFL Classic for the Jacksonville Jaguars
[2559 Hits]

Los Angeles Dodgers
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2689 Hits]

Milwaukee Brewers
MLB Brewers Classic
[3064 Hits]

Minnesota Twins
MLB classic for the Minnesota Twins
[2600 Hits]

Montreal Expos
Montreal Expos MLB Team
[1466 Hits]

Collegiate Classic for North Carolina State with the old style logo for the Wolfpack
[2712 Hits]

Victorinox Collegiate Classic for the Navy Midshipmen
[2570 Hits]

New Jersey Devils
Victorinox NHL classic series New Jersey Devils
[2574 Hits]

New Mexico State
Part of the Collegiate Classic series from Victorinox
[2747 Hits]

New York Giants
NFL classic for the New York Giants
[2710 Hits]

New York Rangers Hockey Team Victorinox Classic
This is one of the NHL Series Classics - New York Rangers.
[3613 Hits]

New York Yankees
Victorinox MLB Classic for the New York Yankees.
[2695 Hits]

Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders NFL Team
[1570 Hits]

Penn State
Another from the NCAA Collegiate Victorinox Classic series. There are 47 original NCAA Collegiate Classic knives made almost exclusively in white.
[2979 Hits]

Philadelphia Eagles
NFL Classic for the Eagles
[2569 Hits]

Philadelphia Phillies US Baseball Classic
new US Baseball Victorinox Classic of the Phillies Baseball team and logo
[4012 Hits]

Pittsburg Steelers
NFL Classic for the Steelers
[2776 Hits]

Pittsburgh Penguins
NHL Classic for the Pittsburgh Penguins
[2676 Hits]

Pittsburgh Pirates
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2834 Hits]

San Fransisco Giants MLB Victorinox Classic
Another MLB Classic featuring the San Fransisco Giants
[3193 Hits]

Seattle Seahawks
NFL classic for the Seattle Seahawks
[2588 Hits]

St. Louis Blues
NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues in original plastic wrap and tin.
[934 Hits]

St. Louis Cardinals
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2591 Hits]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
From the NFL Classic Series.
[2680 Hits]

Texas Rangers
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2765 Hits]

Toronto Blue Jays
Victorinox MLB Classic for the Toronto Blue Jays
[2619 Hits]

U.S.Military Academy
From the Collegiate Classic Series
[2758 Hits]

University of Connecticut Huskies
US University Classic-University of Connecticut with Huskies logo-sorry but my example has deteriorating clear coat on the handles due to wear.
[4300 Hits]

University of Kentucky
From the Collegiate Classic Series
[2545 Hits]

University of North Carolina Tarheels
Collegiate series Classic for UNC
[2646 Hits]

UNLV-University of Nevada Las Vegas Classic
Victorinox Classic with UNLV
[3356 Hits]

Victorinox NFL display
This is a Victorinox original 28 NFL teams display with one whole classic knife and 28 additional front scales mounted on a plexiglass display board.
[2071 Hits]

Washington Redskins
NFL Classic for the Redskins
[2680 Hits]

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