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A gallery of Victorinox SAKs that have sports team logos on them. Including college and pro teams, both major and minor leagues. The NFL series has at least 2 versions, the original and a newer series put out around 1997-1998 with new style revamped logos.
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Baltimore Orioles
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2454 Hits]

California Angels
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2293 Hits]

NFL Classic for the San Diego Chargers
[2432 Hits]

Chicago White Sox
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2373 Hits]

Cincinnati Reds MLB Classic
MLB Classic series Cincinnati Reds
[2453 Hits]

Colorado Rockies
Colorado Rockies MLB sports team
[1424 Hits]

Dallas Cowboys
Victorinox NFL Classic for the Dallas Cowboys
[2370 Hits]

Dallas Cowboys
Blue version for the Dallas Cowboys NFL Team
[1292 Hits]

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos NFL Classic
[2488 Hits]

Detroit Lions Classic
A classic with the Detroit Lions logo on it. From the late 80s or early 90s.
[3909 Hits]

Detroit Tigers Classic
A classic with the Detroit Tigers logo on it. From the late 80s or early 90s.
[3545 Hits]

Florida Marlins US Baseball Classic
new Florida Marlins US Baseball Victorinox Classic
[3098 Hits]

Jacksonville Jaguars
A second version of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars
[2352 Hits]

NFL Classic for the Jacksonville Jaguars
[2272 Hits]

Los Angeles Dodgers
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2461 Hits]

Milwaukee Brewers
MLB Brewers Classic
[2847 Hits]

Minnesota Twins
MLB classic for the Minnesota Twins
[2377 Hits]

Montreal Expos
Montreal Expos MLB Team
[1274 Hits]

Collegiate Classic for North Carolina State with the old style logo for the Wolfpack
[2506 Hits]

Victorinox Collegiate Classic for the Navy Midshipmen
[2352 Hits]

New Jersey Devils
Victorinox NHL classic series New Jersey Devils
[2355 Hits]

New Mexico State
Part of the Collegiate Classic series from Victorinox
[2521 Hits]

New York Giants
NFL classic for the New York Giants
[2503 Hits]

New York Rangers Hockey Team Victorinox Classic
This is one of the NHL Series Classics - New York Rangers.
[3406 Hits]

New York Yankees
Victorinox MLB Classic for the New York Yankees.
[2489 Hits]

Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders NFL Team
[1297 Hits]

Penn State
Another from the NCAA Collegiate Victorinox Classic series. There are 47 original NCAA Collegiate Classic knives made almost exclusively in white.
[2771 Hits]

Philadelphia Eagles
NFL Classic for the Eagles
[2282 Hits]

Philadelphia Phillies US Baseball Classic
new US Baseball Victorinox Classic of the Phillies Baseball team and logo
[3813 Hits]

Pittsburg Steelers
NFL Classic for the Steelers
[2482 Hits]

Pittsburgh Penguins
NHL Classic for the Pittsburgh Penguins
[2455 Hits]

Pittsburgh Pirates
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2623 Hits]

San Fransisco Giants MLB Victorinox Classic
Another MLB Classic featuring the San Fransisco Giants
[2993 Hits]

Seattle Seahawks
NFL classic for the Seattle Seahawks
[2372 Hits]

St. Louis Blues
NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues in original plastic wrap and tin.
[737 Hits]

St. Louis Cardinals
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2390 Hits]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
From the NFL Classic Series.
[2449 Hits]

Texas Rangers
From the MLB Classic Series.
[2552 Hits]

Toronto Blue Jays
Victorinox MLB Classic for the Toronto Blue Jays
[2420 Hits]

U.S.Military Academy
From the Collegiate Classic Series
[2540 Hits]

University of Connecticut Huskies
US University Classic-University of Connecticut with Huskies logo-sorry but my example has deteriorating clear coat on the handles due to wear.
[4074 Hits]

University of Kentucky
From the Collegiate Classic Series
[2318 Hits]

University of North Carolina Tarheels
Collegiate series Classic for UNC
[2431 Hits]

UNLV-University of Nevada Las Vegas Classic
Victorinox Classic with UNLV
[3150 Hits]

Victorinox NFL display
This is a Victorinox original 28 NFL teams display with one whole classic knife and 28 additional front scales mounted on a plexiglass display board.
[1845 Hits]

Washington Redskins
NFL Classic for the Redskins
[2408 Hits]

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