Front The Alpineer is a single layer Victorinox 111mm Swiss Army Knife that features a liner-locking main blade and a corkscrew.

The original version of this model was slide-locking- See History.

Layer Tools

OHO Dual Density Model
OHO Dual Density Model

The blade in the original version of this model was plain-edged and slide-locking

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Neither present in the dual density OHO variation


Red Nylon or red/black dual density
The scales in the original model contained a grey release button for the slide lock.


Current liner-lock model available in two variations:

  • Red nylon scales, plain edged blade, toothpick and tweezers
  • Dual density red/black scales, with one handed opening blade, no toothpick or tweezers

  • A black handled promotional edition of the original model  for Simmons Scope features the company name and logo on the top scale in gold print, and the Victorinox shield logo on the bottom in gold print.


This model was one of the original 111mm slide-lock models. However, from 2017 Victorinox only produced liner-locking 111mm models, so the plain-edge bladed, nylon scaled Alpineer was converted to be liner-locking.
Also as part of the 111mm model restructuring in 2017, an OHO variation of the liner-locking Sentinel (0.8321.MWC), which had an equivalent toolset to this model (blade, corkscrew) was renamed to be a variation of the Alpineer.

Physical Specifications

Original Slide-Lock Model
Original Slide-Lock Model
  • Length: 111mm

Original Version

  • Width: 12.6mm
  • Weight: 54.5g


Current liner-lock versions:

  • 0.8323 - Red Nylon scales
  • 0.8321.MWC – Red/black dual density scales, one-handed opening, partially serrated blade
    – This variation was originally known as the 'Sentinel with corkscrew'

Original side-lock version:

  • 0.8823 - Red Nylon scales (US Model Number: 53612)

Related Models

  • Cowboy - Replaces the corkscrew with Phillips screwdriver
  • Adventurer - Adds one layer with cap-lifter and can-opener, includes a reamer on backside
  • Kasemesser/Swiss Cheese Knife - Adds cheese blade
  • Solo Plus - Similar knife in the 108mm size without a locking blade
  • Parachute Knife - Replaces main blade with OHO serrated emergency blade, replaces the corkscrew with Phillips screwdriver

111mm slide-lock model comparison – original versions
111mm liner-lock model comparison – original versions

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