A 74mm gold plated Victorinox Ambassador with satin finish and no key-ring (0.6500.80). The Victorinox Ambassador is a 74mm Swiss Army knife.
This model is essentially a slightly larger version of the well known 58mm Classic, although generally does not include a keyring.
Early North American brochures list an Alox scaled version, without a keyring, as the Lady Victoria.

Layer Tools

Rocket Ship Ambassador
Rocket Ship Ambassador

Scale Tools


Most often available with the standard red Cellidor scales, it also exists with Camouflage scales.
Natural horn, Mother of Pearl and other special materials were used for more luxury models.


  1. Manufactured with, and without, the keyring.
  2. The Lady Victoria model with smooth Alox scales, and no keyring appears to be the first version of this knife available in North America. Smooth Alox scales were popular as advertising/promotion knives.  This Black Alox version is an example of a promotional model sold into the Premiums market.
  3. Five special Scale designs were used in the Victorinox Collection No. 1 Series, and another 5 special designs made up the Victorinox Collection No. 2 Series
  4. Satin Gold Plated handles - No toothpick, tweezers, or keyring, and is packaged in a hard case jewelry box.
  5. Diamond-Cut Gold handles - Features an embossed Swiss shield on the top scale, no toothpick or tweezers, and is packaged in a hard case jewelry box.
  6. Mother of Pearl handles - No keyring, toothpick or tweezers.
  7. Imitation Mother of Pearl handles - Packaged in a luxury box.  Named the Consol (0.6502.08)in this 1980 Canadian catalog.
  8. The 1988/89 RocKnives Series included 6 stone scaled Ambassador models without toothpick or tweezers (see Identifiers section).
  9. The 74mm alox-handled 'Lady Victoria' was also sold as the 'Ambassdor 2' in North America. See the 1980 SMICO catalog for an example.


In North America the Lady Victoria name appears to predate the Ambassador name. The Lady Victoria had smooth Alox handles and no keyring. Many smooth alox scaled versions were also used in advertising and had company names on them. The Alox scaled knives don't include the toothpick or tweezers.


Ambassador with different scales
Ambassador with different scales
  • 53681 US Model: Red Cellidor scales.
  • 0.6500.53 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Blue St. Cross
  • 0.6500.54 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Andeer Granite
  • 0.6500.55 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Pantheon Granite
  • 0.6500.56 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Rosa Bertha
  • 0.6500.57 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Bethel White
  • 0.6500.58 Victorinox: RocKnives series, Baltic Brown
  • 0.6500.61 Victorinox: Natural horn scales, no keyring, no toothpick/tweezers
  • 0.6500.68 Victorinox: Mother of pearl scales, no keyring, no toothpick/tweezers
  • 0.6500.80 Victorinox: Satin Gold scales, no keyring, no toothpick/tweezers
  • 0.6500.88 Victorinox: Diamond-Cut Gold scales with embossed Swiss shield, no keyring, no toothpick/tweezers
  • 0.6502 Victorinox: Red Cellidor scales, no keyring
  • 0.6502.08 Victorinox: Imitation Mother of Pearl, no keyring.
  • 0.6502.61 Victorinox: Natural horn scales, no keyring, metal head tweezers
  • 0.6502.68 Victorinox: Mother of pearl scales, no keyring, metal head tweezers
  • 0.6503 Victorinox: Red Cellidor scales, includes keyring

Related Knives 

  • Windsor - same layer tools, but no Toothpick or Tweezers with Stainless Steel scales.
  • Director - adds orange-peeler, small blade, and, different nail-file/cleaner
  • Executive - adds orange-peeler, small blade, different nail-file/cleaner, and Cellidor scales with Toothpick and Tweezers
  • Money Clip - same layer tools, adds money clip.
  • Prince - no scissors, adds small blade, and different nail-file/cleaner with Cellidor scales, Toothpick and Tweezers
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