Apprentice Victorinox

84mm Apprentice model The Victorinox Apprentice is a slim 84mm Swiss Army Knife, with a single tool layer.
It features the combination tool for good versatility and includes a Phillips screwdriver on the back.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor scales.


There was an Economy version of this model.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 11.1mm
  • Weight: 36g (1.3 oz)


  • 53893: Red Cellidor scales (US Model Number)

Related Models 

  • Electrician - An electrician's blade replaces the Combo Tool
  • Waiter - Has a corkscrew instead of the Phillips screwdriver
  • Bantam - Does not have the Phillips screwdriver; often with Alox scales

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