Victorinox Artisan 84mm -- aka Fieldmaster - small.

Photo by: manatakui (SOSAK) The knife commonly known as the 'Artisan', (and also known as the: Fieldmaster - small), was originally named Craftsman and numbered 136ka for decades before the name was reused for the 91mm 6-layer versions circa 1973. It is an 84mm Victorinox knife with 4 tool layers and the same basic tool selection as the larger 91mm Fieldmaster.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 19.8mm
  • Weight: 89.15g


  1. The order of the Saw and Scissors layers can switch positions in the knife. The Scissors layer has switched positions on other models as well over time.


The name "Artisan" has appeared stamped on the knife box indicating it was the proper name used in some markets. A 1976 US Distributor Catalog reference was found for this model using the name "Artisan", and the name appears in a 1980 Canadian Distributor's catalog from SMICO, but not for the identical model (which could be just a common catalog error).

Tool specifics for one sample: Small Clip-point, Screw Pivot Scissors w/double leaf-spring, Square Phillips w/Can-Key.

Versions with older single-leaf scissor spring, are also known.

Historically the naming of the different Swiss Army Knives has been inconsistent since initially Victorinox itself did not give them names. It seems like the various importers named the different models to make it easier for sales and marketing. At one time the Craftsman name was applied to similar knives in the 91mm size, even though today we use the name Fieldmaster. At least one reference reports the use of the Craftsman name for this smaller model as well. Additionally; at least one example of a early 1950s knife (Armee Suisse/VICTORIA/US PAT|PEND.) was located in the appropriate box for the period with the name Craftsman. Name references are also often incorrect as dealers and distributors themselves make errors given all the different models and their similarities.

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