Victorinox Alox Bäkermesser (Baker's Knife) 0.7830.11 (90.25mm). The Victorinox Baker's Knife, also known as the Bäckermesser, is quite different from the typical folding pocket knives manufactured by Victorinox. It's curved serrated blade, frame and length (90.25mm) are all unique to this model.
It usually has solid red Alox scales, and is very thin at only 4.83mm, it may be the thinnest Victorinox folding pocket knife currently in production (2008).
This model is aimed at the baker or pastry chef for cutting dough and for their delicate adornment work.

This model was probably withdrawn between 2021 and 2024 - based on the catalogues for those years.

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Red polished Alox scales with no logo are the most common.
There have been many colour variations in the handles over the years, some with Victorinox logos, as well as advertising versions, with company names and logos.


The Baker's Knife dates back to very early Victorinox company products (with Elsener Schwyz/INOXYD tang stamps). It may have been one of the original models manufactured by Victorinox (maybe even under earlier company names) when the company was manufacturing cutlery for local industry - and of course, the Soldier Knife for the military. See the catalogue pages.
An early non-serrated version with stainless steel scales and an Elsener Schwyz/INOXYD tang stamp, is only 3.6mm wide and 89.65mmlong. This could be one of the thinnest models Victorinox has produced; early single layer stainless steel scaled models being the others.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 90.25mm
  • Width: 4.83mm
  • Height: 22mm (maximum), 10.31mm (minimum)
  • Weight: 18.27g


  • 0.7830.11: Smooth red Alox

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  • Solo - 108mm model; Nylon handles; single blade

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