This is the Wenger Trout fishing knife, 16953. The Wenger Bass and Trout are three-layer 85mm models for the fisherman.
In addition to the standard basic tools these models include a fish-scaler with hook-disgorger and line-guide.
The Bass features a locking blade, the Trout a regular blade.
They have the respective images of a bass or trout imprinted on the front scale.

Discontinued models.

Layer Tools

Bass Model
Bass Model

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Standard red synthetic scales with an imprinted fish image.


The images above and options for these models came from the 1991 and the 2002-2003 Wenger catalogs.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm


US Model Numbers:

  • 16990: Bass with locking-blade
  • 16953: Trout

Related Models

  • Canyon - Removes the fish scaler
  • Sailfish - Adds the scissors, exchanges the Phillips driver for a corkscrew


  • Fishtale – The equivalent SwissBuck model


  • Fisherman – A similar Victorinox product, but adding the scissors

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