older Wenger Bass model The Wenger Bass and the Wenger Trout are 3 layer 85mm models for the fisherman.  In addition to the standard basic tools these models include a fishscaler with hook disgorger.  The Bass also features a locking blade. These models have their respective images of a Bass or Trout imprinted on the front scale.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Standard Red Synthetic Scales with an imprinted Bass or Trout fish design.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (Nominal frame size)
  • Width:
  • Weight:



The images above and options for these knives came from the 1991 and the 2002-2003 Wenger catalogs.


  • 16990 US Model: Bass design with Locking Blade
  • 16953 US Model: Trout design

Related Knives 

  • Canyon - Removes fish scaler


  • Angler - Similar Victorinox product adds Pliers, switches Phillips for corkscrew''
  • Fisherman - Similar Victorinox product adds Scissors
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