Battle of Nafels

Photo courtesy of Chako from Multitool.org The Victorinox Battle of Nafels is a special collector's 91mm Swiss Army Knife released in 1986, with a tool configuration very close to the Huntsman model.

This model was the fourth member of the Swiss Battle Series, all of which featured a large intricate silver battle scene inlay on the top scale, and a detailed laser engraving on the main blade.
The series was released to commemorate the battles and alliances that gave birth to the nation of Switzerland.

Layer Tools

The main blade is etched with Nafels 1386  and the crest of the canton of Glarus.

Back Layer Tools

  • Reamer/Awl - With the sewing-eye - The first Battle Series model to feature the 'eye'
  • Corkscrew - Four loops, grooved

The keyring was omitted on all of the Battle Series models.

Scale Tools

The tweezers were omitted on all of the Battle Series models to allow the entire scale to be used for the battle inlay.


Grey Cellidor scales with a battle scene silver inlay.


Released in 1986 to commemorate the Battle of Nafels in 1388, and to honour the canton of Glarus, whose decision to declare its independence from Austrian hegemony led to the outbreak of hostilities. The scene inlaid on the top scale shows most of the Swiss behind the town walls carrying the banner of Glarus. Nafels, a small town about six kilometers North of Glarus, was the scene of several skirmishes. A monument in a field nearby commemorates the Swiss victory.

The Swiss Battle Series knives were each limited to a production of 9999 pieces and are individually serialised. Each knife is inscribed 'nnnn yyyy 9999 ' on the liner behind the corkscrew: nnnn represents the individual number of the particular knife and yyyy was the year the knife was issued.

This model came in a black wooden presentation box, which contained a serialised certificate of authenticity, with the serial number matching the liner inscription.
There was also a booklet containing a brief description of Battle of Nafels and also a history of Victorinox in German, English, and French, however this was only present in the Battle Series Collection presentation case.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm

Related Knives

Battle Series Models

This model and the all the others in the Battle Series were also released in a 1991 collector's set - The Battle Series Collection.

Standard Models

  • Huntsman - Same main tools: Adds the tweezers and keyring, has regular scales and blade
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