Beginner Victorinox

Victorinox Beginner 75mm. Picture by ColoSwiss The Beginner is a slim 75mm single-blade Victorinox model,

Technically its frame is 75mm, so should not be confused with the more recent 74mm models which are of a different design and construction.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools


  • Ribbed red Alox
  • Red Cellidor

It is not know if both versions use the name Beginner.


See the Student page for some history on these slim models.


The related Student model has a number of scale variations, including smooth red alox, imitation tortoise shell, and various stainless guilloche handles. Some of these may also have been offered on the Beginner.

Related Models

  • Student – 75mm; two blades; numerous scale variations
  • Sentry - 84mm; single blade; numerous scale variations
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