Bernina Mini Spot Light

Wenger Bernina Mini Spot Light The Bernina Mini Spot Light is a 65mm SAK produced in collaboration with Swiss sewing machine manufacturer Bernina.
It contains a unique seam ripper tool designed specifically for the tailor or seamstress.

This model was also sold under the name Bernina Promotion Tool.



The seam ripper is intended to be started in one end of a fabric seam, then pushed along forward, quickly cutting through threads along the way.

Scale Tools

  • Only Tweezers are stowed in the scales. There is no toothpick.
  • Where the toothpick would normally reside there is a small white LED, powered by two 3-volt batteries that are housed in a small compartment in the same scale.
  • Additionally, there is a Keyring at the base of the knife.

Bernina Promotion Tool without a lettering
Bernina Promotion Tool without a lettering


Handle scales are standard red Cellidor.
"BERNINA by Wenger" is printed on the front, along with the Wenger crest. (Also known a variation without this lettering.)
The backside has a small pictograph of a light bulb, indicating where to press in order to turn on the LED.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm
  • Width: 11.5mm
  • Weight: 25.4g

Related Models

  • The Bernina Mini Spot Light is essentially the Microlight Esquire with a seam ripper tool instead of the pen knife blade.
  • Bernina and Wenger also collaborated to make the Bernina Swiss Sewing Knife
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