Victorinox like new Bijou Models, one regular and one SD version. The Victorinox Bijou is a 58mm model that is nearly identical to the popular Classic, offering the same basic tool selection, but without the keyring.
Like the Classic-SD, there was also a Bijou-SD that has a screwdriver tip, rather than a nail cleaner tip on end of the nailfile.
The US importer Swiss Army Brands Inc. originally sold this model as a Commander!

Discontinued models.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Usually standard red Cellidor scales.
It was also available in blue, black, green, white and yellow Cellidor.
Many other colours and scale types were available see Variations below - Not all are listed.


The Bijou configuration, along with Classic, were most likely introduced in the 1950s. Although, at that time, they were primarily known by their model numbers, - see the Identifiers section. Different regions and sellers sometimes had different names for the models, for instance the Victorinox US Importer SABI (Swiss Army Brands Inc.) originally sold this model as a Commander, and Hoffritz called it the Tinker!
The Bijou name possibly came in the mid-70s when Victorinox brought out a new model numbering convention and started to standardise on descriptive names.
The SD variation was first introduced in 1987 (tbc).

Both versions are now discontinued. It is not known when either was discontinued, but the original was likely phased out around 1987 when the SD was introduced. While discontinued as an official model, it is still possible that models with this configuration would be available as advertising models, or in luxury scaled offerings, however they would probably be labelled as variations of the Classic rather than a Bijou.


  1. There is only one tool variation of the Bijou, the Bijou SD. The SD model, like its cousin the Classic SD, replaces the nail cleaning tip on the end of the nail file with a small screwdriver tip.
  2. Mother of Pearl scales - Nail cleaning tip model.
  3. The RocKnife Series, based on the Bijou/Classic was introduced in late 1988, or the early 90s and included six different Bijou models, with natural granite stone scales, without the toothpick or tweezers.
  4. A series with semi-precious stone scales, without the toothpick or tweezers, was also produced. These are reported to have used scales from a small US manufacturer in Florida.


  • 623 aCr+: Pre 1970s model code for the Bijou
  • 0.6202: Red Cellidor, cleaner tip
  • 0.6222: Bijou-SD red Cellidor, screwdriver tip

Related Models

  • Classic - Same toolset, but with a keyring
  • Companion - Same toolset, but with Alox scales
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