Biker 36

Wenger Biker 36 The Wenger Biker 36 is a model with special tools designed for the cyclist.

This model is also known as Small Mountain Bike.

Discontinued model.

Wenger Biker 36
Wenger Biker 36
Wenger Biker 36 back layer tools
Biker 36 - Back Layer Tools
Wenger Chain Rivet Setter Tool Usage
Chain Rivet Setter - Tool Usage

Layer Tools

This Biker 36, the Biker 37 and the Pocket Mountain Bike came enclosed in a snap-on clear plastic envelope.

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic scales, gray synthetic scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 27.4mm
  • Weight: 147.5g


  • 1.36.02: standard red scales (US Model Number: 16955)

Related Models

There were a few Wenger models designed for the cyclist.

  • Cyclist - Removes the chain rivet setter and bicycle wrench
  • Biker 37 - Adds the pliers
  • Pocket Mountain Bike - Removes the universal wrench and inline Phillips; exchanges the openers and awl for the combination tool and the corkscrew for a Phillips driver

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