Victorinox 58mm Bladeless. Picture by ColoSwiss. The Bladeless is a Victorinox 58mm knife, that is now getting rare. The Bladeless is one of very few Victorinox knives that, like the name states, does not have a blade. In theory this makes this knife safe to carry in areas where traditional knives are not allowed. Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Boeing customized transparent emerald Cellidor bladeless
Boeing customized transparent emerald Cellidor bladeless

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


  1. Not sure if there is a version with the Toothpick rather than the Removable Pen.
  2. One person reported SABI 53855 as containing the the Toothpick and Removable Pen, but this model typically contains the Tweezers, however on 58mm knives either tool can be placed in the slot. Some early SAK models contained the toothpick in the packaging so the customer could choose.


This idea of the bladeless knife has become more popular as airport security is now confiscating even the smallest knives. The Flight versions of the SwissMemory, SwissFlash, and SwissBeat models reflect this earlier idea.


  • 53855 US Model: Removable Pen & Straight Screwdriver w/red scales

Related Knives

  • Manicure - Has no blade, cuticle pusher tool instead of blade.
  • Rover - Replaces scissors with small pen blade and nail file.
  • SwissMemory - The 'Flight' versions have no blades.
  • SwissFlash - The 'Flight' versions have no blades.
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