Victorinox 58mm Bladeless. Picture by ColoSwiss. The Bladeless is a rare Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knife. It is one of very few Victorinox models that, like the name suggests, does not contain a blade. In theory this makes it safe to carry in areas where blades, or knives, are not allowed. However, care must be taken, as some airport security operations also do not allow scissors.

Discontinued model.

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Bladeless with transparent emerald scales and Boeing branding
Bladeless with transparent emerald scales and Boeing branding

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Red Cellidor


  1. A version possibly existed with a toothpick rather than the removable pen.
  2. It has been reported that SABI model 53855 contained the toothpick (as opposed to the tweezers) and the removable pen. Although on 58mm models either tool can be placed in the slot at the top of the knife. Some early models contained the toothpick as well as the tweezers in the packaging, so the customer could choose which one to carry.


The combination tool with the flat-head screwdriver tip was the initial incarnation of this tool, to be replaced later with the Phillips screwdriver tip. Earliest versions did not feature the wire-stripper notch.
The idea of the bladeless multitool has become more popular as airport security is now confiscating even the smallest blades.


  • 53855: Removable pen & straight screwdriver with red scales (US Model Number)

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  • Manicure - Also has no blade; a cuticle pusher tool and a nail-file replace the combination tool
  • Rover - Replaces the scissors with a small pen blade and a nail-file
  • SwissMemory - The 'Flight' versions have no blade
  • SwissFlash - The 'Flight' versions have no blade
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