Bluetooth Controller

The Victorinox Bluetooth Controller is a specialized electronic radio frequency wireless controller tool that currently only appears on versions of the 58mm sized Presentation Master.

The Bluetooth Wireless Controller is embedded in the bottom scale of some Swiss Army Knives, and features two control buttons. With compatible software and a Bluetooth receiver, the Swiss Army Knife becomes a wireless remote-control for the computer software.

The wireless-controller and its associated software are designed to control the advancement of the slides during a presentation, freeing the speaker from having to be in the immediate vicinity of the controlling computer's keyboard or mouse. Pressing the up or down button on the scale acts, respectively, as a left or right mouse button press.

A Broadcom BCM2042 chip in the scale implements a Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile radio connection to send the button presses to a computer. The BCM2042 includes many functions: a 2.4GHz Bluetooth radio, an 8051 CPU, 128KiB of ROM, 22KiB of RAM, GPIO pins that can drive LED indicators (on-off, caps lock, num lock, etc), read a keyboard matrix, read mouse button presses, and monitor mouse scrolling. A 1.5 volt, 389E button battery (aka SR54 or AG10 with dimensions of 11.6 x 3.1 mm) powers the circuitry and the BCM2042 chip then raises the voltage to 2.7-3.0V via its on-board switching regulator to run the chip, BT radio, and provide power to external LEDs, LCDs, or other devices.

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