The 93mm Bushcrafter is a Victorinox 'special run' model for dealer SwissBianco.  It has been produced in various colors. The Victorinox Bushcrafter is a special run 93mm Alox model originally produced for Swiss Bianco, a US and Switzerland based custom knife reseller, designer, and manufacturer.  Having only 2 tool layers, this model offers a woodsaw in a minimally sized configuration. First named and produced in 2009; this configuration is not known to have previously existed.

Layer Tools


  • Alox - Several different colors

Physical Specifications

Length: 93mm
Width: 11mm
Weight: 63.2g


  1. Specific color or clear/silver anodized scales.
    1. In 2011 a number of Silver Alox scaled knives where produced having the standard red Victorinox shield.
    2. In April 2012 a number of Red Alox scaled knives where produced having the standard shield.
    3. In February 2013 a special run of roughly 100 knives were produced with Copper color anodized scales, with the Victorinox shield having a red background. These were produced again for Swiss Bianco, and several other models were produced with the same anodizing at the same time.


First introduced in late 2009, this model was named by Swiss Bianco, since then this model has been available exclusively through them. Additional small runs were made in early 2010. Currently (2011) estimated total production is less than 300 units. In 2011 the first models featuring the standard Victorinox red shield on the top scale were produced.


Due to the special run, the identifiers are unknown.

Related Models

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  • Wilderness - replaces reamer with small pruner blade
  • Farmer - adds opener layer
  • Lumberjack - smaller 84mm model 2 layers with woodsaw, produced in colored Alox for Swiss Bianco

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