This is a golfing knife with a removable ink pen. The Caddy is unique model made specifically for golfers. It features a small divot repair tool, and a ballpoint pen.

Discontinued model.

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Normally supplied with standard red Cellidor scales. Some models featured a golf figure imprinted on the front scale - See main image.
Many custom scales were commissioned, in various colors, that had golf course, or tournament, names and logos.


Initially supplied with a removable pen. which was later replaced with a retractable pen. It may have been named Caddy II, or just kept the name of the original. In 2012 the Caddy was reincarnated with some changes. The pen was replaced with the toothpick and there was no print of a golfer on the scale. It was produced in four colors: red, blue, black and green.


  1. An unnamed variation replaces the scissors with the Combo Tool (cap-lifter/flat-tipped screwdriver/wire stripper). The scales contain the normal tweezers and toothpick - See image below.
  2. Whilst not really a variation on the Caddy, this unusual model featured the divot tool as a sausage fork and a very rare 58mm rounded blade. It was made for the German Schweizer Fleisch company for a sausage festival, only about 50-100 were made. - See image below.

Unnamed Caddy Variation
Unnamed Caddy Variation
Sausage Fork Caddy
Sausage Fork Caddy


  • 0.6245: Standard red scaled model (53711)
  • 0.6245.2: Blue (53712)
  • 0.6245.3: Black (53714)
  • 0.6245.4: Green (53715)

US model numbers in brackets

Physical Specifications 

  • Length: 58mm

Related Models

  • Caddy Plus - Adds the opener combo-tool and retractable pen
  • Golfer - An older model with the same toolset; Supplied with a separate ball-marker
  • Golfer 91mm - A 91mm golfing tool similar to the Compact
  • Golf Tool - A golf specific tool from Victorinox with a unique frame size and shape

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