Victorinox Cadets in New 2007 Colors The Victorinox Cadet is a popular 84mm two-layer knife with alox scales.

Using metal scales (handles) and only two layers makes the Cadet very slim at only 8.3mm. Adding to its popularity has been its availability in a variety of attractive colors, using colored anodizing of the handles.

The original Cadet model had a small blade instead of the nail-file, but this configuration is now referred to as the Cadet II, even though it predates the current tool configuration!
Rose Edition Cadet
Rose Edition Cadet

Layer Tools


Typically textured silver alox, however Cadets have been produced, and continue to be produced, in many, many different alox colors, some as limited editions.
Victorinox produce their own colours, and their dealers also create their own editions. See Varations below.
Cellidor scaled versions have also been available.


Early model Cadets have a horizontal 'ribbed' or straight line styling on the exterior of the alox scales (see picture below). They came in both red and silver alox, the emblem was red and looked similar to a Swiss shield. The original Cadets had a small blade instead of the nail-file. This configuration was later referred to as the Cadet II - even though it is really the original tool configuration!
In 2018 Victorinox changed the design of the working surface of the 84mm model nail-file - ie for the Cadet and Sportsman models. Previously it resembled the 'textured surface' nail-file on the Classic, following the change it reassembled earlier 'grooved/cut' nail-files. See image below below.


  1. A Copper colored model was available for a short time prior to 2006 and is considered a collector's item.
  2. In 2007 a number of different colors were offered: red, black, gunmetal blue, Autumn Orange, olive green. Regular red and black anodized Cadets were also produced in 2012 for the US market alongside the special Five Color Series.
  3. In 2008 a Hunter Green version was available, perhaps exclusively, from Target stores in the US.
  4. In 2007 a European Special Edition Officer's Knife 84mm - Rose Edition, was released with Cellidor translucent rose colored scales that include the tweezers and toothpick tools (- see picture above). In North America this model is known as the Cadet Rose Edition, since it has the same tools as the Cadet, other than the addition of the toothpick and tweezers. This Cellidor model contains no backside tools.
  5. In 2011 a bright orange Cadet (53048) started to appear in the US. This model was special-run manufactured specifically for a US reseller. Production was estimated at 300 pieces as of Dec. 2011, but may have reached an estimated 500 before production ended.
  6. In December 2011 a dark blue version with a regular silver outlined Victorinox shield/logo was manufactured as part of a special-run of only fifty knives. Each of the knives is numbered on the main blade. This is the first time blue anodized scales have appeared on the textured handled Cadet.
  7. The Cadet Five Colour Series, featuring red, silver, blue, orange and black Cadets, was released in March 2012. The models in this series have no keyring (weight 45.7g), and come with a light tan leather pouch and packaged in a special box.
  8. The cognac coloured Cadet was apparently a manufacturing error in the production of the orange Cadet in the Five Colour Series. It was eventually sold off in warehouse sales in 2014 and 2015. For more details see this site.
  9. September 2012 a special run of fifty bright green Cadets, without keyrings, was produced, which featured an uncommon anodizing color, that had not been previously used on the Cadet. Each knife is numbered and dated on the reverse of the blade.
  10. A special edition of fifty violet Cadets, without keyrings, was produced in September 2012 .  Each knife is numbered and dated with 2012 engraved on the blade.
  11. A special run of only 35 pieces in September 2012 produced the violet Cadet in standard configuration with keyring. These knives are not numbered or dated.
  12. A special order for a Switzerland retailer in 2012 produced two variations of the standard configuration (with keyring) with gold and blue anodized scales and matching shield background colour.
  13. In 2013 Victorinox Denmark produced a special order of Cadets in black and green anodizing, both featuring a red background shield.  This is the first production of these color combinations for the Cadet.  The inclusion of the red-background shield with colored alox handles is also special, since this was only first done in 2012 for small special runs of collectors models. Versions of the Alox Bantam, and Classic SD were also manufactured for Denmark with the same colors.
    From Hanne of Victorinox Denmark....
    The story behind this range of coloured alox models is one of frustration.
    In Denmark (DK) we have very strict weapon laws. The maximum size of knife that one is allowed to carry is a 91mm SAK without a locking blade. Many of the new products launched by Victorinox are directed towards the big countries/markets and feature one-hand opening knives and lock blade knives - both of which are forbidden in DK.
    We got fed up watching products that could never reach the DK users, so we decided to have Victorinox produce a small range for us in DK.  Being just around 5,5 mill people here, we are painfully aware that Victorinox themselves are never going to develop anything for specifically for DK.
    These models will stay in our DK range, but the packaging will change to the normal silver boxing. [...]
  14. Blue with red shield edition was created for a special run of fifty knives in May 2013. A numbered and dated special series for collectors and enthusiasts.
  15. In 2015 Victorinox stated that they would reduce the number of limited edition (LE) alox Swiss Army Knives, and just issue one LE per year. These editions are not limited in number - only by year! Each year a Pioneer, a Cadet and also a Classic SD are released in a matching colours. This series can be followed on the Annual Alox Limited Editions page. In 2021 the Cadet was removed from the series, which disappointed the Cadet collectors!
    Note: Individual dealers still appear to be commissioning dealer specific Alox colour releases - eg for the Pioneer X.
  16. In 2022 Victorinox released Cadet Swiss Spirit 2022 Limited Edition model with white Cellidor scales decorated with Switzerland’s famous sights in a modern monochrome design.

Physical Specifications

Original Ribbed Alox Cadet
Original Ribbed Alox Cadet
Evolution of the Cadet's nail-file
Evolution of the Cadet's nail-file
  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 8.3mm
  • Weight: 46.8g


  • 0.2601.26: Regular silver Alox Cadet
  • 0.2600.L122x: 2012 Five Colour Series, x=colour - See Variations and link above
  • 0.2601.Lyy: Annual Alox Limited Edition Cadet: Year=yy; No tp or tw - See Variations and link above
  • 0.2602.T5: Officer's Knife 84mm — Rose Edition (a.k.a. Rose Edition Cadet)
  • 0.2603.7L22: Victorinox Cadet Swiss Spirit 2022 Limited Edition

US Model Numbers: (all Alox)

  • 53042: Silver
  • 53043: Red
  • 53044: Black
  • 53045: Gunmetal Blue
  • 53046: Autumn Orange
  • 53047: Olive Drab Green
  • 53048: Orange
  • 54042: Copper (boxed packaging)
  • nnnnn: Hunter Green in a flash/blister pack - 2008

Related Models

  • Cadet II - Replaces the nail-file with a small blade
  • Recruit - Cellidor scales replace alox; replaces the nail-file with a small blade; adds toothpick and tweezers
  • Sportsman - Cellidor scales, adds the toothpick and tweezers, backside reamer and corkscrew
  • Alox Bantam - Minimalist 84mm also in Alox, no nail file, and a combo tool replaces the opener layer
  • Pioneer - The Cadet's 93mm big brother, a similar SAK, but with sturdier tools, and the awl replacing the the nail file


  • Apprentice - A similar Wenger model with Cellidor scales

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