Cadet Plus

Unoffcial names, this 84mm tool configuration was produced as a short special-run of only 100 knives (50 of each configuration) in April 2011 aimed at collectors.   The Victorinox Cadet Plus and Cadet II Plus were two special-run three-layer 84mm Swiss Army Knives with alox handles, both adding a woodsaw to the 84mm Cadet.

Layer Tools


Textured Alox

History and Model Versions

These models were first manufactured in April 2011 as part of short run of only fifty models in two configurations (100 in total). Since these are not regular production models, the names are not official.

  • The Cadet Plus adds a woodsaw tool to the popular Cadet model and featured black Alox handles
  • The Cadet II Plus was manufactured with silver alox handles, but replaced the nail-file with a small pen-blade and had black-oxide coated tools.
    This configuration is reminiscent of the very first Cadets, whilst making it contemporary by having all the tools, and the keyring, black-oxide coated. The Cadet II Plus was referred to as the mini-Farmer  when it was announced because of its similarities with the popular larger 93mm Farmer.

These models will primarily be of interest to collectors due to their limited availability.

Note: This tool configuration was sometimes assembled in the past by individual modders. The easiest way to identify these versions is to look at the rivets which can be identified as done by hand for the custom built knives.

Historically the original Cadet and Cadet II models switched names over time, as such, the Cadet Plus configurations align with the contemporary Cadet models for consistency with the current names.


  1. The silver Cadet-II Plus with red shield was first produced in November 2011. SwissBianco chose to call it the Micro-Farmer (yes not mini, but micro). To avoid yet further name confusion it is classified here as a Cadet II Plus. This issue was not numbered, and production quantities are not known.
  2. A silver Alox Cadet Plus (standard red shield) was manufactured n March 2012, production was reported to be eighty units.
  3. The Cadet Plus with custom splash-anodized scales was manufactured in March 2012, production was reported to be twenty units.
  4. A small run of Sunset Orange anodized models was produced in August 2012. This colour comparison shows the Sunset Orange with other orange anodised scales.

All these variations were produced for the US Dealer Swiss Bianco.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 10.5mm
  • Weight: 59.7g


  • 0.2611.26: Silver Alox Cadet Plus

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