Cigar Cutter 85mm

This is the standard red Evolution scaled Wenger Cigar Cutter There are a number of 85mm Wenger models for the cigar smoker featuring a unique scissor-like cigar cutting tool.

Discontinued models but some still available as Victorinox Delémonts.

Layer Tools

The four-layer model with regular scales
The four-layer model with regular scales
The four-layer model with metal scales
The four-layer model with metal scales
The four-layer model with metal leather insert scales
The four-layer model with metal leather insert scales

Slimline Model:

Four layer model adds:

Back Layer Tools

Slimline Model:

Other models add:

Scale Tools


Standard models feature plain, or Evolution red synthetic scales.
Also available are: Stainless steel; stainless steel with a leather inlay; ruthenium(-like) on the Porsche model.

Variations / Models

  1. The original version included the openers, but not the scissors
  2. A slimline version without the scissors or openers layers (Cigar 36)
  3. A four-layer version adding the scissors and the openers layer (Cigar 79) - Main image above
  4. The four-layer Porsche model featuring custom metal ruthenium-like ergonomic scales
  5. A golf version including the divot tool
  6. Luxury Cigar Cutter / Cigar 704 - Stainless steel scales with a leather inlay, available with a pouch (6.67.12)

Physical Specifications

Cigar 79

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 19mm
  • Weight: 94g


  • 1.79.37: Standard red scales; two-layers (Slimline version) (16884)
  • Cigar 36: Two-layers; red Evolution scales
  • 1.79.36: Standard red scales; four-layers
  • Cigar 79: Four-layers; red Evolution scales (16881)
  • Luxury Cigar Cutter: Stainless steel scales with a leather inlay (16886)
  • 1.537.00: Porsche Design model: Four-layers (16684)

US Model Numbers: (also in brackets above)

  • 16651: Two-layer Slimline version with stainless steel scales - see image in scales section
  • 16650: Three-layer with stainless steel scales; with openers; no scissors
  • 16880: Three-layer with red synthetic scales; with openers; no scissors?
  • 16630: Four-layer with stainless steel scales

Related Models


  • Cigar Cutter - A smaller Victorinox model that has a different style cigar cutter
  • Cigar 36 and 79 - Victorinox Delémont models based on the Wenger Cigar Cutters
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