Red Classic SD and a Pink Victorinox Classic The Victorinox Classic is the most common Swiss Army Knife worldwide, and is considered the standard (or base) 58mm sized model.
It comes in two main variations - The Classic has a nailcleaner tip on the end of the file (bottom photo). The Classic SD (top photo) has a ScrewDriver tip on the nailfile tool, and is often simply referred to as the Classic, while technically being a (if not the more) common variation.
The Classic is available in an extremely wide range of colors and handle materials. It is also a very popular model to be branded with a company logo.
There are a number of other 58mm knives with the same main tool configuration. However, as a general rule, to be a Classic, the model must have the keyring, toothpick and tweezers.
There are a few exceptions to this rule: When the scales are metal the knives generally do not have the tweezers or the toothpick - Such as the Alox Classic SD, the Brushed Stainless Steel Classic, and knives in the Classic SD Sterling Series.
To make the definition just a little more imprecise! - The 58mm model with machined stainless steel scales is known as the Broker. There is also a special issue Classic SD series made for Tiffany Co. that has Sterling Silver scales that includes the toothpick and the tweezers!
Alox Classic SD
Alox Classic SD

Layer Tools

Classic with the 'Emergency Blade'
Classic with the 'Emergency Blade'

Scale Tools


Over the years the Classic has been produced with a very wide variety of scale colors and material. There are more scale varieties than one can really imagine, with new ones constantly being introduced, by Victorinox and licensed partners.

Scale Material

The Classic is currently (2017) available in both the standard scale materials: Cellidor (plastic) and Alox, as well as a few Sterling Silver varieties. In the past, they were made with a wide variety scale materials, including nylon, stainless-steel, mother of pearl, gold plated steel, various woods, and natural horn.

Scale Colors

The Classic is available in a wide variety of colors beyond the basic red.
See Color Palette for an example of some of the colors available, or once available.


  1. The Classic comes in two main tool variations: The Classic and the Classic SD. The only difference is that the Classic has a nail cleaner at the tip of the nail file blade, whilst the Classic SD has a small slot head screwdriver at the tip. The Classic SD seems to be the more common model.
  2. The Alox Classic removes the toothpick and tweezers, but offers metal scales that have also been produced in different colors.
    • Initial colors were red, blue, green, black, and silver.
    • 2007 Euro colors (later released in North America) were turquoise-blue, lime-green, hot-pink, orange, and silver.
    • 2013 France Limited Edition colors were red, brown, blue, and dark-blue (gunmetal-blue)
  3. The Classic is also available with an Emergency Blade instead of the pen blade. This blade variation is rarer than the standard or SD versions.
  4. Around 2015/2016 the Classic was available with a push pin tool instead of the nail file. It was sold in a set including a military style watch strap. It was also gifted with the purchase of a watch from the Victorinox I.N.O.X. line. At least two versions of the push pin tool exist. The newer version has a slimmer profile.
  5. Classics can be found with a couple of different logos.
    • Victorinox logo in standard metal inlay or hot stamped styles.
    • Star of David - A blue classic with a Star of David (6-pointed star).
    • Shamrock - A green Classic or Classic SD with a shamrock printed, or inlaid, on the scales. The earlier Shamrock Classic had lighter green scales.
    • 125th Anniversary - A Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Classic SD was part of the Jubilee Series.
      (Note: This is not the same as advertising or branded knives, which are custom production knives that may, or may not, also have the Victorinox logo.)
  6. Gold Bar Classics; Four Gold Bar Classics were introduced in 1996 with a 1g Gold Bar inlaid in the scales. Each knife is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity for 1g pure gold. These models do not include a toothpick, although sometimes they are reported to. Their model numbers indicate a toothpick is present! (n.nn02/03.nn)
  7. 2012+ Crowdstorm Annual Limited Editions. In 2012 Victorinox initiated an exciting new approach to designing their Classics. Each year there is a competition open to the general public to submit designs for the Classic Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox shortlist a number of designs and then the general public vote on the shortlist. The most popular ten designs go into production. This has resulted in some very creative, attractive and innovative scales for the Classic.

This section lists some of the key variations of the Classic. When scale colours and materials, custom and advertising knives are considered the variations  run into many thousands!


The Classic was first introduced in 1935 without the toothpick or tweezers, which were added in 1942 to all models.


StayGlow Classic SD
StayGlow Classic SD
  • 0.6203: Classic
  • 0.6223: Classic SD
  • 0.6220.16: Standard silver Alox Classic SD with red Victorinox logo, no toothpick or tweezers

  • 0.6202.87: Gold Bar - tweezers, black scales with 1g gold bar
  • 0.6202.89: Gold Bar - tweezers, black scales with 1gr Kinebar
  • 0.6203.5: Classic pink Cellidor scales
  • 0.6203.87: Gold Bar - tweezers, keyring, black scales with 1g gold bar
  • 0.6203.89: Gold Bar - tweezers, keyring, black scales 1g Kinebar
  • 0.6203.91: 1292-1991 700 year Eidgenossenschaft
  • 0.6203.JU: 1984 Centennial
  • 0.6221.26-012: Classic SD silver Alox scales; no toothpick (tp), or tweezers (tw)
  • 0.6221.3L17 : Classic SD Alox Special Edition 2017, midnight-black Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L15: Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2015, steel-blue Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L16: Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2016, orchid-violet Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L17: Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2017, olive-green Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L18: Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2018, berry-red Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L19: Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2019, champagne-gold Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.77: Classic SD sterling silver scales
  • 0.6221.L22 : Classic SD turquoise-blue Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L24 : Classic SD lime-green Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L25 : Classic SD hot-pink Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.L28 : Classic SD orange Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6223.J09: 125 Anniversary
  • 2.6223.808: Classic SD StayGlow

US Model Numbers:

  • 1394: BSA Logo, red Cellidor (SABI number)
  • 53011: Classic SD Economy red Nylon scales
  • 53099: Brushed stainless steel
  • 53181: Classic red Cellidor scales
  • 56011: Classic SD red Cellidor scales

Related Knives

The Classic is the standard 58mm knife, however there are many similar knives, even with the same toolset, that are often mistakenly referred to as Classics - See below:

  • Tomo - A unique Japanese flavoured 'Classic' with unusual scales
  • Bijou - Does not have a keyring
  • Companion - No toothpick or tweezers, and generally smooth metal scales
  • DeLuxe - Luxury model featuring high luster enameled scales with a marbled pattern and gold trim; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring
  • Signature and Signature II - A removable or retractable pen is substituted for the toothpick
  • Swiss Lite - Red LED light replaces the toothpick
  • Broker - Solid stainless steel scales, no toothpick or tweezers
  • Diplomat - Stamped stainless steel scales, no toothpick or tweezers
  • Ambassador - A larger 74mm model with the same toolset


  • Esquire - Wenger 65mm model with similar tools
  • Lithos - Wenger similar luxury 65mm model with gold and inlaid stone scales; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring
  • Macao - Wenger similar luxury 65mm model with Chinese hand lacquered finish; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring
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