Climber 84mm

84mm Climber The Victorinox 84mm Climber (Climber small) is a three-layer model with the same toolset as the larger 91mm Climber.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Small Climber and Tinker with the long nail-file
Small Climber and Tinker with the long nail-file

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor.


  1. Different scale materials such as Nylon, cracked-ice synthetic, and horn.
  2. The buffalo horn scaled version is named the Vice President in this 1980 Canadian catalog.
  3. Early versions may include a shackle.
  4. Early versions may include the long nail-file on the back.


A discontinued model, this knife was quite popular in its day and remains very collectible, as an 84mm model with scissors.


  • 0.3703: Red Cellidor
  • 0.3702.61: Horn scaled, no keyring

Related Models

  • Salesman - The corkscrew is replaced by the Phillips driver
  • Alumnus - The small blade is replaced by the nail-file
  • Tourist - Removes the scissors
  • Climber - The 91mm version with same main toolset; later versions add the multipurpose hook

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