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Only Victorinox and Wenger are officially allowed to call their products Swiss Army Knives.
Since 2005, the Wenger company has been owned by Victorinox, and in 2014 the product lines were merged - See Delémont pages.

For more than a century Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) have been well known for their versatility and reliability.
Their long history, reputation for the highest quality, and brand-name recognition has made them extremely popular with users and collectors alike.
The high regard the brands enjoy has also been the reason many other companies produce similar models, or 'knock-off'/counterfeit copies of Swiss Army Knives.

Official Swiss Army Knife Manufacturers


  • Victorinox - Also (earlier) known as....
    • Elsener Schwyz


  • Wenger - Also (earlier) known as....
    • Boechat & Cie
    • Fabrique Suisse de Coutellerie SA

SAK Brands and Trademarks


  • Elsener Schwyz
  • Victoria
  • Elinox


  • SwissGear

Resellers of Note

Look-alikes by Other Cutlers

Cheap Knock-offs

There are many low-quality knock-offs that have been produced for many years.
Some of these will illegally attempt to reproduce logos and other trademarks in an attempt to fool consumers, so check carefully when buying.
These products are often of such poor quality that they can be dangerous to use, and some, or some tools, do not even function at all!
They are best avoided!

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