Victorinox Craftsman knife made c. 1987. This is the very first version of the Craftsman with the then-new pliers tool. This model has the original style pliers, only available for about 2 years (1986-1987). The Victorinox Craftsman is a six-layer 91mm model, with a large tool-set, first introduced around 1973. It had a historical connection to the American Space Program.

This model was current during the period when Victorinox was making many changes to their tool line-up, so many slightly different configurations have been produced. The major change being the pliers replacing the fish-scaler in 1986/7.
See the images right and the Tools and History sections below for details.

Name Disambiguation:
The four-layer 84mm Artisan was known as the Craftsman, for a couple of decades in certain English speaking markets, before the name was taken on by this model.

Discontinued Model.

Layer Tools

Final Version with Pliers
Final Version with Pliers
The Original Craftsman and Handyman - Showing Back Tool Evolution
The Original Craftsman and Handyman - Showing Back Tool Evolution

Final Configuration

Original Version

As above but - The pliers are replaced by the

Back Layer Tools

Final Configuration

Original Version

As above but - No chisel or hook

Non-Layer Tools


Red Cellidor


Also see the Tools sections above, and the Craftsman/Handyman image above/right - Click on the image for an explanation of the back tool evolution.

First introduced in 1973 (Model 1.4793), as a successor to/replacement for the old six-layer Champion b, that had been retired following the introduction of the seven-layer Champion in 1973. The Craftsman was a prominent model in the Victorinox line for quite some time.
The original version is old enough to be found with a Victoria tang stamp on the back of the blade, and features tools from that era such as the small clip-point blade, and the original version of the fine screwdriver.

Evolution of the Craftsman 1973-1986:

Victorinox Craftsman with Victoria stamped blade and clip point pen blade. Made c. 1973. 1973: Square Phillips;
Clip-point small blade
Craftsman from the 1970's with squared Phillips screwdriver and can key, fish scaler, no pliers. Mid 1970s (est.): Square Phillips;
Drop-point small blade
1985 era Craftsman.  NOTE: 1. No pliers  2. Fish scaler 3. bottle opener does not lock at 90 degree mark  4. no hole in awl  5. round phillips screw driver with can key 1985 (est.): Round Phillips;
Original fine SD (as earlier)
Craftsman from  around 1986.  NOTE: 1. no pliers  2. fish scaler  3. bottle opener locks at 90 degrees  4. phillips screwdriver with can key 5. hole in awl  6. newer bottom fine screwdriver  This knife is very rare variation, possibly made only 1 year due to 1987 introduction of Craftsman with pliers. 1986 (est.): Round Phillips;
Fine SD with hump; Sewing eye in awl

In 1986/7 it was revised with the newly invented pliers replacing the fishscaler/ruler, and also gaining a wood chisel.
Models manufactured after 1991 contain the hook and the scissors have the modern rivet attachment that replaced the screw.

Being chosen to commemorate the Apollo 11 landing has continued to bring it a lot of attention over the years.
However, it was probably discontinued round about 2005, as it has been seen with a VSS tang stamp, but does not appear in the catalogue for 2006.


  1. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing — 20th Anniversary Edition.
    This famed Astronaut is a Craftsman, that was made in 1989, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. The front scale features a metal inlaid image of an astronaut in a space suit (see image below). The main blade has an etching depicting the lunar module and spacecraft as well as the anniversary dates for the 1969 Apollo Moon Landing. Each knife has a unique serial number stamped on the liner behind the Phillips screwdriver. Although Victorinox could not confirm it, according to the Knife Collector's Guide 3rd Edition by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart, 2,000 were made. This number appears correct since all the serial numbers reported from Astronaut owners have been four digits and less than 2000.
    Name disambiguation: The more common Master Craftsman Astronaut model was made famous by actual astronauts and NASA.
  2. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing — 30th Anniversary Edition.
    An Astronaut model was also produced in 1998 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo landing. This version does not have the special etching on the main blade. There was some speculation that this model was 1.4763, however Victorinox labeled it as 1.4773.

Physical Specifications

Craftsman Apollo 11 Astronaut Inlay
Astronaut Inlay
  • Length: 91mm (3.5")
  • Width: 27mm (model with hook)
  • Weight: 159g (model with hook)


  • 1.4793: Vintage model, no pliers; can-key on Phillips; early version of fine screwdriver; no hook and no chisel
  • 1.4773: Later version with pliers (US model number: 53721)

Related Models

  • Champion b - An ancestor with an equivalent toolset to the original Craftsman; but adding the long nail-file on the back
  • Handyman - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with a corkscrew
  • Master Craftsman - No pliers; There was also an 'Astronaut' variation of this model
  • Troubleshooter - No wood saw or fine screwdriver
  • Artisan/Craftsman - An 84mm model; earlier/also known as the 'Craftsman'
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