Model number - 16943. Has silver image of antique bicycle embossed onto the front scale. The Wenger Cyclist is a three-layer model that features a universal wrench and a Phillips screwdriver, which, from its name, seems targetted at cyclists. However, the tools in the Biker Family of models would typically be much more useful for a cyclist and bicycle maintenance.

Discontinued model.

Scale Tools

Black-scaled, Small Blade Variation
Black-scaled, Small Blade Variation

Back Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic scales with an antique Penny-Farthing style bicycle and rider on the front scale.


  1. The Serrated Cyclist has a locking, serrated main blade - Model code unknown
  2. The EvoWood 35 is a variation of the Cyclist, made for the Swiss Alpine Club, that has Evowood scales and the Swiss Alpine Club emblem on the front scale.

Physical Specifications

The Serrated Cyclist
The Serrated Cyclist
  • Length: 85mm


  • 1.35.11: Small blade variation (replacing the nailfile)
  • Small blade variation; black scales with the same inlaid old bicycle; possibly only sold in Japan
  • EvoWood 35, the Swiss Alpine Club (CAS) exclusive variation

US Model Number:

  • 16943: Standard configuration
    • Note: This number also appears to have been used (in error) for the serrated blade version

Related Models

  • Mustang - A small blade replaces the nail-file; Mustang print
  • Nomad - Adds scissors; replaces the nail-file with a clip-point utility blade
  • Mountain Bike / Biker 37 - A large model for the cyclist featuring several tools for bicycle maintenance

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