Delémont Evolution 17 and 18

Black and Red Version The Victorinox Delémont Evolution 17 is a four-layer 85mm Swiss Army Knife with scissors, saw and a corkscrew.

The Evolution 18 is an equivalent model but with a Phillips driver replacing the corkscrew.
Various scale options are available for each model – See Variations below.

The Junior 03 has the same tool set as the Evolution 17, but with a safety, locking, rounded blade.
The Junior 04 has the same tool set as the Junior 03, but with the Phillips driver.

They are all the Victorinox versions of the Wenger equivalent models, featuring Wenger style ergonomic Evolution contoured scales.

Layer Tools

EvoGrip 18 with the Phillips driver
EvoGrip 18 with the Phillips driver

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Not present in the Evowood version


Regular plain red Evolution Cellidor; EvoGrip in red or yellow and black; Evowood scales - See Variations


Victorinox ceased production of Wenger Swiss Army Knives in 2014 , however they decided to continue manufacturing of some of the former Wenger knives under the Victorinox 'Delémont' brand. These are some of them.
For differences between the Victorinox and Wenger versions - See the main Delémont 85mm page.

Models / Variations 

  1. The Evolution S17 and EvoGrip S17 versions feature a locking main blade.
  2. The EvoGrip S17, 18 versions feature EvoGrip scales with red and black rubber inserts. (The Model S17 features in the main picture above).
  3. The EvoGrip 18 is also available with yellow and black EvoGrip scales, and optionally with a locking blade .
  4. The Junior 03 version features regular Evolution scales, a corkscrew, and a round-tipped, locking-blade - that is intended as a safety feature for younger users.
  5. The Junior 04 version has the same features as the Junior 03, but with a Phillips driver on the backspring
  6. The Evolution Wood 17 version features scales made from Swiss walnut.   Note: No toothpick and tweezers in this variation.

The EvoWood and Junior are pictured below.

Evowood 17 Variation
Evowood 17 Variation
Junior 03
Junior 03

Physical Specifications

Evolution 17 model

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 90g


Corkscrew Models

  • 2.3913. E - Evolution version
  • 2.3913. SE - 'Security' version with locking blade
  • 2.3913. SC - Red and black Evogrip scales and locking blade
  • 2.3913. SKE - Junior 03
  • 2.3911. 63 – Swiss walnut scales

Phillips Models

  • 2.4913. E - Evolution version
  • 2.4913. C - Red and black Evogrip scales
  • 2.4913. C8 - Yellow and black Evogrip scales
  • 2.4913. SC8 - Yellow and black Evogrip scales and security blade
  • 2.4913. SKE - Junior 04

Related Models

  • Evolution 14, 16 - Removes the wood saw
  • Junior 09 - Removes the awl, scissors and openers; exchanges the corkscrew for a Phillips



  • Huntsman - Victorinox version of the Evolution 17
  • Fieldmaster - Victorinox version of the Evolution 18
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