Delémont RangerGrip Hunters

Delémont Ranger Grip 57 Hunter The Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 57, 58 Hunter models are four-layer 130mm Swiss Army Knives, adding a gutting blade to the three-layer saw model.
The Hunter is available with a corkscrew or Phillips on the back spring (- see 'Tools' below).

They are the Victorinox versions of the corresponding Wenger models.

Layer Tools

RangerGrip 58 Hunter
RangerGrip 58 Hunter

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red and black EvoGrip scales.


Model variations as per tool list above


Victorinox ceased production of Wenger Swiss Army Knives in 2014 , however they decided to continue manufacturing of some of the former Wenger knives under the Victorinox Delémont brand. These are two of them.
For differences between the Victorinox and Wenger versions see the main Delémont 130mm page.

Physical Specifications

Base Model

  • Length: 130mm
  • Width: xx
  • Weight: xx



Related Knives 

Ranger 130mm Series Model / Tool Matrix - Table developed for the Wenger Rangers - But also contains Victorinox Ranger models


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