Divot Repair Tool

The Divot Repair Tool is a forked blade that is used in the game of golf.
Its purpose is to ease and repair a divot or small dent in the grass made by a ball when it lands on the putting green, by inserting the tool under the dent and gently easing up the earth.
These tools are mounted in the body of the Swiss Army Knife (or other golf specific tools) and come in a few models and sizes.

Note: A commonly held misconception is that these tools are used to repair the large clump of earth removed by a golf club head on the fairway. This is not the case!


Only found on a few classic sized knives. 58mm
Featured in the Golfer, Caddy, Caddy Plus.

Note: All models discontinued.

This tool is found on the 91mm Golfer with Divot Tool. 91mm
Featured in the discontinued Golfer (second generation - the one with the golfer image on the front scale), the SwissChamp XL and the Golfer Special models, also the uncommon 'Spartan Golfer'.

Note: All models discontinued.

Victorinox GolfTool with a One-Handed Retractable Divot Repair Tool. Golf Tool
The golf tool is a very interesting model from Victorinox specifically designed for the golf enthusiast - and not for general use.
It features a divot tool that slides out of the body of the tool, as well as other golf specific tools.


Only found on the Executive Golf Pro.


This is the Wenger Divot tool found on a Golf Pro model. It has the 2 tines of the fork to allow for easy repair of a "divot" or area where the golfer has scooped out a chunk of grass or dirt. Typically it is either poked into the ground and used as a lever to "lift" up the depression in the ground or it is "stabbed" into the sod chunk to place it back into the hole. 85mm
Is found on the Golf Pro, Deluxe Golf Pro, the 19th Hole Cigar Cutter and a couple of other golfing models of this size.

Note: All models discontinued.

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