A Red Alox Duchess in very good condition. Old Model Number: 633 r+ The Duchess is a rare 58mm Victorinox model with a unique design. The handles, or scales, are what collectors call a dogbone shape. The logo is also different, featuring a white Swiss Cross in a circle that is centered on the top scale. The reverse side of the blade has deep Victoria tang stamp with a crossbow in the center.

The unique shape of these handles was apparently developed for those unable to open a standard pocket knife with their fingernails. This shape allows the tools to be pinched and pulled open.


Layer Tools


Red Alox with a white cross inside of a circle printed on the handle. The knife in the top panel has a silver cross/circle, even though it looks white, it may not be printed, but could be generated by masking during anodising.
Silver Alox and stainless steel (machine turned and smooth) versions also exist.


The Duchess is probably one of the earliest known Alox-handled models. All of these knives are tang stamped with the Victoria mark on the back of the main blade. This model evolved into the standard-shaped, Alox-handled Companion.


  • 633 r+
  • 633 Ust

Both model numbers are in the older Victorinox model number format

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