EVO 11

Must be a European only model - Since it does not seem to be listed in N.A. catalogs. The Wenger EVO 11 and EVO S11 are baseline 85mm two-layer Swiss Army Knives with ergonomic Evolution handles.
The S models feature a locking blade for improved safety.
The EVOGrip 11 models add textured rubberized grip pads to the scales for increased retention, especially when wet.

Discontinued - But available as a Victorinox Delémont.

Layer Tools

EvoGrip 11
EvoGrip 11
EvoGrip 11.X Blackout
EvoGrip 11.X Blackout

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Typically red Wenger Evolution scales other colours also available.
Also available with EvoGrip scales with black rubber inserts for additional traction.


  1. The Evolution S11 features a locking main blade
  2. The Wenger World Scout Knife 2007 is a commemorative model produced to commemorate the centenary of the World Scout Movement. It featured red Evo scales with special logo and imprint and the Scout logo on the back scale.
  3. EvoGrip 11.X Blackout introduced in 2012 featured black PVD coated tools, springs, spacers, and keyring and black EvoGrip scales. The toothpick and tweezers are also black. This model is member of the 2012 Blackout Series that also included the EvoGrip 10, EvoGrip 63, and the RangerGrip 52. Some advertising material refers to this model as the 10.X, but that number was for the corkscrew version (EvoGrip 10.X Blackout).

Physical Specifications

Wenger World Scout Knife 2007
Wenger World Scout Knife 2007
  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 57g


  • red Evolution scales
  • Scout S11 with purple scales
  • Scout S11 2007 Commemorative with red scales

US Model Numbers:

  • 16823 - EVO 11
  • 16386: EvoWood version.
  • 16837: EvoGrip Blackout version.

Related Models

  • Evo 10 - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with a corkscrew
  • Highlander - Regular scales, no toothpick or tweezers
  • Canyon - Replaces the nail-file with a small clip-point utility blade
  • Junior Scout S11 - A similar model with purple scales and a rounded tip on the main blade


  • Tinker - A similar Victorinox model
  • Evolution 11 - The Victorinox Delémont version of this model

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