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Wenger Evo 16 The Wenger Evo 16, the Evo S16, and EvoGrip 16 models all feature the Evolution Series contoured handles for better ergonomics.

The EvoGrip 16 model include black rubber inserts in the contours of the handles for increased retention and comfort. The "S" versions feature a locking main blade for increased safety.

Discontinued but still available as a Victorinox Delémont.

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Ergonomic Cellidor scales, with the EvoGrip models also featuring rubber inserts for improved retention and comfort.


  1. EvoGrip 16 have black rubber grip pads installed on the scales.
  2. EVO S16 has a locking main blade.
  3. EvoWood 16 features wooden scales of solid Swiss Walnut, no keyring, and no toothpick.
  4. The 2012 Patagonian Expedition Race knife was an EvoGrip S16 featuring the EvoGrip handles and the S (saftey) locking main-blade.


First introduced in 2005, the EVOGrip version was introduced 2007, and the "S" version was introduced in 2009. The EvoWood 16, was introduced in 2010, with wooden scales made from Swiss Walnut harvested from waste wood of other processes. The original wood is from a managed sustainable resource.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (3.25 in.)
  • Width: 17mm
  • Weight: 73g (EVO 16)


Related Models

  • EVO 14 - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with corkscrew.
  • Traveler - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with corkscrew, standard scales.
  • Teton - Replaces the nail file with a clip point utility blade.
  • Highlander - Removes scissor layer.
  • Classic 16 - Standard red scales.


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