Victorinox Electrician The Victorinox Electrician is a 93mm Alox scaled knife.

This model replaces the common can-opener tool with a small electrician's sheepsfoot blade which includes a wire-scraper/cable cutter.

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Silver ribbed Alox are standard, but versions for collectors have been produced in other colors.


  1. The original model had silver Alox scales with a silver cross emblem on the top scale.
  2. Available as an official Swiss Railway version, the silver Alox scales with plain cross have SBB-CFF stamped in a panel on the top scale.
  3. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society (VSAKCS) annual club knife for 2008 was a blue Alox Electrician that was offered to its members. This was a special run of one hundred knives.
  4. The Copper Electrician was a special run made in June 2010 that produced fifty units. This variation had the chemical symbol for copper Cu printed in black on the bottom scale engraving panel.
  5. A yellow-gold Electrician was produced in a special run for collectors in April 2012. Limited to fifty models, each knife is engraved with 'n/50' on the obverse of the small electrician's blade (there is no production vintage). This knife also included a couple of additional special attributes such as a red shield background on the top scale, and a lightning bolt logo in black printed in the engraving panel on the bottom scale. This anodizing color is not known to have been used on a 93mm model before, and almost certainly never with a red shield. The anodizing was originally described as a orange, but appears to be more gold.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 11.7mm
  • Weight: 69.7g


  • 0.8120.27: Silver Alox with cross
  • 0.8120.26: Silver Alox with shield

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