Victorinox Ensign, 58mm Stainless Steel The Ensign is a 58mm Victorinox that is a stainless steel handled version of the Bijou. The stainless steel scales do not contain the toothpick or tweezers. The Ensign is also very similar to the more well known Broker, but does not have a keyring. It was fairly uncommon in North America.

Discontinued model.

Different Guilloché designs
Different Guilloché Designs

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Stainless steel scales with matte and various engraved guilloché designs . The catalog calls it Engine Turned Steel.


The name Ensign is one of the more interesting model names, and seems to share a military inspiration, as with the early Standard model.

The Ensign was most commonly available with simple straight line-etched scale patterned. A matte finish version has been seen, but it may have had a different name in some markets. Although the SABI 1985 catalog shows and describes the Broker as not having a keyring, this was likely in error, as the 1989 catalog shows the two models side-by-side with the Broker having the keyring.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 4.95mm
  • Weight: 19.8g


  • 0.6200.30: Matte Finish
  • 0.6200.31: Engine turned guilloché - Scale Design 31
  • 0.6200.32: Engine turned Guilloché - Scale Design 32
  • 0.6200.33: Engine turned guilloché - Scale Design 33

Related Models

  • Broker - Adds a keyring; different scales
  • Bijou - Cellidor scales; includes the toothpick and tweezers
  • Companion A smooth Alox version; coloured scales and keyring options

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