Victorinox Escort The Escort is a less common 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. It is a single layer knife and only weighs six-tenths of one ounce, the same weight as the Companion.
Production may have stopped and started over the years.
This same tool configuration was known earlier as the Vintage.

Design Change; Escort with tools reversed.
Later design with the tool positions reversed

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The Escort scales are Cellidor. Normally available in red - black has also been seen.


The Escort II replaces the pen blade with an emergency blade. This version is less common, and sometimes packaging will describe it as the Escort SD/Emergency Blade.


The Escort was first introduced in 2000. SABI first had it available in the US in 2003.

Design Change: Escorts and Escort IIs started appearing in 2008 (maybe sooner) with the position of the two tools reversed - so the knife blade opens away from the keyring. This makes it more convenient to use the blade whilst it is attached to a keyring or lanyard. Models like the Scribe that are based on the Escort also have the blade opening away from the keyring. It is not known when exactly this change started appearing, but it was readily available on Escorts in 2008 and is depicted this way in some 2008 catalogs. Product packaging may depict the knife with the original design.

The Escort appears to have an identical twin. The only difference is a matter of about 10 years!
The Victorinox Vintage (Victorinox AN 0.6101/SABI# 5092) was first listed in 1989. In 2000 Victorinox released the Escort which was an identical knife in terms of tools, colors and scales - It had a Victorinox AN 0.6123, and in 2003 was given the SABI# 53881.
Different numbers, different names, different years - Same knife!

Victorinox Vintage
Victorinox Vintage

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 7.6mm (#53881)
  • Weight: 16.38g (#53881)


  • 0.6123: Keyring opposite blade in 2008.

US Model Numbers:

  • 53881: Pen Blade, Red, last know US model produced (see above).

Related Models

  • Princess - Has a nail cleaner tip on the nail file instead of the screwdriver; solid Cellidor scales - so no tweezers or toothpick
  • Scribe - A retractable pen replaces the toothpick
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