Standard Red Esquire The Wenger Esquire is the baseline or standard small sized (65mm) model of the Wenger range.
It comes in a large number of colors and various scale materials.

The Evolution 81 (EVO 81) is a later design that features ergonomic scales.
The EvoGrip 81, released in the spring of 2009, adds non-slip pads to the handles.

Discontinued - But available as a Victorinox Delémont.

Layer Tools

Evolution 81 with EvoGrip Scales
Evolution 81 with EvoGrip Scales

Scale Tools 


Red plastic scales are standard, however this model has been manufactured with a large variety of different materials and color variations for the scales.
The different materials include stainless steel, Alox, sterling silver, and others.  The metal versions do not include the toothpick or tweezers.

Scale Colour and Material Variations:

Solid Colours: Red, black, royal blue, white\frost, charcoal, forest green, purple, hot/pastel pink, turquoise, jade, yellow
Translucent Colours: Fire Red, Glacier Blue, Smoke Grey, Watermelon Pink, Plum Ice Purple, Mandarin Orange, Aqua Blue, Lime Green, Lemon Yellow, Everglade Green
Other Materials/Styles: Stainless steel, aluminium (Alox), sterling silver, buffalo horn, wood, camouflage, Evogrip (rubber inserts in plastic)


  1. The Viceroy Interlock is a locking blade version, that uses an interlock between the nail file and and main blade, such that the blade cannot be closed unless the nail file is opened at 90º. It is available with plain and 100% serrated blade. The Viceroy is also available as an official BSA model.
  2. Microlight Esquire; also known as the 'Safety' line, these Esquires replace the toothpick with a small white LED in the scale. This variation comes in red, black, Real Tree camouflage and Advantage Timber camouflage.
  3. The Lady Esquire name was used for some more feminine colored models such as aqua (16.940.92) which came with a matching aqua colored plastic slip-case.
  4. The Blue Europa Series Esquire has a yellow twelve-star Europe logo, and no keyring.
  5. Serrated Blade versions of have been produced, but are not as common - see Identifiers section.
  6. The Titanium has titanium metal handles and according to the catalog a 100% serrated blade, there is also a version with only an 80% serrated blade.
  7. There are several sterling silver versions available, some of which have their own names such as the Imperial, and Tuxedo see Identifiers section.
  8. The EVO 81, officially Evolution 81, a member the Evolution line, has the same tools and the Esquire with the ergonomically shaped scales. This later design is available in several colors - see Identifiers.
  9. The EvoGrip, introduced in spring 2009, adds black non-slip textured pads to the Evolution scales to aid in retention.
  10. The Wood 01 was a 2009 collaboration with EKA of Sweden who supplied wooden scales These scales used large brass fittings for mounting that also replaced the typical rivets used to assemble the knives (the brass fittings appear structural, but could be for decoration). This variation does not include the toothpick or tweezers.
  11. The Lithos and Macao series are luxury scaled versions.
  12. The Wenger Tactile 813 is a variation of the Esquire, differing only in it's handles. They have a thin matte red neoprene coating.
  13. There are several metal versions with solid stainless steel scales available, with or without a keyring, but without both toothpick/tweezers - see Identifiers section.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm
  • Width: 9mm
  • Weight: 21g


Evolution Scales
Evolution Scales
Esquire Microlight Packaging
Camo Mini Spot Lights in their packaging
  • 1.78.03/ Wood 01
  • Lady Esquire - Pink
  • Viceroy Interlock Official World Scout model
  • Evolution 81, red Evolution scales (16908)
  • Patagonian Expedition Race model (16806)
  • Eloxy 8730 rouge, red Alox scales
  • Eloxy 8730 bleu, blue Alox scales
  • Eloxy 8730 noir, black Alox scales
  • Eloxy 8730 vert, green Alox scales
  • Eloxy 8730 naturel, silver Alox scales
  • Spot Light 600 (Mini Spot Light)
  • 1.92.15: Europa series - No-keyring
  • 1.92.51: Metal 51
  • 1.87.00: Metal 87 - No-keyring
  • 1.87.01: Metal 87
  • 1.92.80: Savana series - Buffalo horn
  • 16.940.92: Lady Esquire - Aqua
  • Tactile 813

US Model Numbers: (in brackets above)

Related Models

  • Chairman - Equivalent main toolset; removing the toothpick, tweezers and keyring
  • Swiss Clipper - Evolution model; adds a nail-clipper
  • Money Clip - Adds a money-clip; alox handles; no toothpick, tweezers, or keyring
  • OptiTool - Replaces the nail-file with an eyeglass/micro-screwdriver
  • AirTraveler - Replaces the pen-blade with an eyeglass/micro-screwdriver
  • Bottle Mate - Replaces the scissors with a mini-screwdriver/bottle opener
  • Crusader - Removes the scissors

  • Macao Series - Gold plated 'Esquires' with lacquered scale inlays
  • Lithos Series - Gold plated 'Esquires' with stone scale inlays

  • V.I.P. - Same toolset; larger in size


  • Classic - A similar Victorinox model with equivalent toolset
  • Victorinox Wenger - The Victorinox Delémont version of this model


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