Victorinox Explorer The Victorinox Explorer is a standard 91mm model with four tool layers, and is one of the few smaller knives to contain the magnifying glass. The inline-Phillips screwdriver is also a very popular feature of this model.

The Explorer has evolved with the Victorinox tool changes over the years, and was also available in a Plus variation, the Explorer Plus which added the 'Plus' scales and tools.

Layer Tools

Explorer Plus Model
Explorer Plus Model

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Plus model adds:


Available with red or black Cellidor scales.


  1. The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) branded version has been available for many years. Early versions feature the BSA logo in a metal inlay, whilst newer models have a hot-stamped logo. The BSA Explorer is available with red or black Cellidor scales.  See also: Yeoman
  2. The Explorer Plus has Plus-scales, which contain additional tools: A removable pen and a straight pin. The Plus model also adds the mini/jewelers-screwdriver to the corkscrew. This Explorer Plus is also available in a BSA edition, with the BSA logo on the scales.
  3. The Carl Elsener Sr. Explorer is the 2013 Damascus Limited Edition knife. Released in December of 2013 in some countries, and first quarter of 2014 in North America. This model features a Damasteel stainless steel Damascus main-blade, and natural oak handles on which Carl Elsener's signature is engraved. This edition was limited to 7000 knives (520 knives available to North America), a serial number is stamped on the liner behind the corkscrew. This is the fourth (second 91mm) knife, to be offered in the Limited Edition Damascus series.
  4. The Christmas Special Edition for 2017 was a beautiful white-scaled Explorer with embossed snowflakes on the scales.
  5. The Swiss Spirit Special Edition for 2020 has white Cellidor scales decorated with hand-sketched most renowned national symbols: the Alps, cheese, chocolate, watches and the Swiss Army Knife.


Earlier models contained the original version grey plastic version of the magnifying glass, and prior to 1991 there was no multipurpose hook.
Other smaller changes in the tools have occurred over the years.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 20.7mm; 20.9mm - Plus model
  • Weight: 101g - Regular model + jewelers screwdriver; 106g - Plus model


  • 1.6703: Red Cellidor scales (53791)
  • 1.6705: Red Cellidor plus scales (53792)
  • 1.6705.3: Black Cellidor plus scales (53793)
  • 1.6701.J13: Damascus Limited Edition 2013
  • 1.6703.77: 2017 Christmas Edition
  • 1.6705.7L20: 2020 Swiss Spirit Special Edition

US Model Numbers in brackets

  • 55781 / BSA#01252: Explorer Plus; Boy Scouts of America Edition (US Model Number)

Related Models

  • Passenger - No scissors
  • Woodsman - Adds a woodsaw
  • Climber - One-layer thinner; no magnifying glass or Inline-Phillips
  • Yeoman - One layer thinner; small blade replaced by combo-tool; standard openers layer removed

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