Fireman models:
Slide-lock and liner-lock variations The Fireman is a four-layer 111mm Victorinox model very versatile in cutting chores, offering a large liner-locking, plain-edged blade, an emergency/belt cutter blade, (not found on many models) and a wood saw.
The Fireman was intended for rescue workers and is an ancestor of the Rescue Tool.

It was also available with a one-handed (OH) opening main blade, known as the One-Handed Fireman (OHF).

The Fireman was originally a slide-locking model.
Both versions are shown in the picture right (the liner-lock version has red scales).

Name disambiguation: There is a rare, older 108mm model, also known as the Fireman.

The Fireman models are retired.

Layer Tools

Slide-lock Fireman
Slide-lock Fireman

The original model had a slide-locking main blade, and the cap-lifter was not locking.

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Scale Tools


Victorinox 111mm models were usually available in red for the slide-lock models and black for the liner-lock models.
The Fireman ‘flipped the norm’, with the slide-lock model being available in black and the liner-lock model being available in red!


The Fireman has an interesting history!
It was one of the original slide-lock models that was converted to be liner-locking in the early 2000s (tbc), yet retained the same name. Usually when Victorinox produced liner-lock and slide-lock models with equivalent toolsets, they had different names eg Forester / Rucksack etc. It was the first and only model to go through such a conversion, until 2017 when Victorinox ceased production of slide-lock 111mm models, revised the product line, and converted several slide-lock models to liner-lock.
Also see notes on scales above.

The slide-lock model is relatively rare and it is possible it was exclusively a promotional model (premiums market) made specifically for Cryk Inc., a US company in the premiums marketing business.

The Fireman is an ancestor of the Rescue Tool, with both models being available for a few years. However the Fireman was retired in the late 2000s (tbc), presumably as there was too much overlap with the Rescue Tool’s functionality.


  1. One-Handed (OH) Fireman. This version has a liner-locking blade with a serrated edge that can be opened with one hand. The OH Fireman was only available with black scales.
  2. The OH Fireman Black Blade features a black-oxide coated main blade (see image below).
  3. In January 2010 some copies of the OH Fireman started appearing with a plain-edged main blade (OHF-PE), however the US product ID for the model remained the same (54868).
One-handed - Black-blade Fireman
One-handed - Black-blade Fireman

Liner-lock Fireman
Liner-lock Fireman

Physical Specifications

Liner-lock Version:
Length: 111mm
Width: 21mm
Weight: 149g / 155g (OH version)


  • 0.8383: Liner-lock; red scales; regular plain edge main blade (54866)
  • 0.8383.3: Liner-lock; black scales; regular plain-edge main blade

US Model Numbers: (also in brackets above)

  • 54865: Slide-lock; black Nylon scales
  • 54867: Slide-lock; black Nylon scales (seems to be the same as 54865)
  • 54868: Liner-lock; black scales; one handed model; serrated-edged main blade (see variations, also plain-edge )
  • 55868: Liner-lock; black scales; one handed; black-oxide coated main blade

Related Models

  • Jumpmaster - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Rescue Tool - A more recent model designed by and for rescue workers; with several differences to the Fireman
  • Forester - Removes the belt cutter blade
  • Trekker - Serrated main blade; removes the belt cutter blade and corkscrew; adds a Phillips driver
  • Dual Pro - Newer model: Dual density scales, locking one-handed belt cutter blade (different design), OH blade; removes the wood saw, toothpick and tweezers

Victorinox 111mm Slide-lock Model Comparison – Original versions
Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock Model Comparison – Original versions

  • Fireman 108mm - A rare variation of the 108mm Hunter is also known as the Fireman
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