Victorinox Fisherman The Victorinox Fisherman is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife with Cellidor handles featuring an emblem of a fish at the bottom of the top scale, originally this was a metal inlay, but was switched to be printed more recently (date???). This knife has quite a long history, and its tool selection has changed over the years.

The Fisherman Plus (possibly not an official name) adds a wood saw to the Fisherman and was a less common model. There were other tool variations on this model in the early days.

The Fisherman Plus is no longer available.
Fish Emblem Inlay

Layer Tools

Victorinox Fischermesser 1.3773.72 red
Fischermesser with Metal File

The Fisherman Plus adds the:

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red or blue (for older models) Cellidor scales with a special metal inlay on the top scale of a fish, which was later switched to be printed.


This model has a long, and slightly confusing, history, involving some significant tool changes and which is also intertwined with the Angler model.
The fishscaler and back-spring Phillips were both introduced in 1952. A catalogue from around that time (possibly a little later) shows a 'Sportfischer' (Fisherman) model which was available with a corkscrew (Model 235fa) or a Phillips screwdriver (Model 135fau) and optionally a wood saw (Model 236fau). It also shows the blue-scaled 'Fischermesser'  (Fisherman's knife) which has the corkscrew and adds the metal file, and optionally a wood saw.

The modern distinction of the Fisherman being only a four-layer model with the back-spring Phillips drive, and the Angler having the corkscrew probably came in in the mid-1970s. Note: Early versions of the Angler also had the scissors, as opposed to the later/current versions which have the pliers.


Historically several variations were available, adding additional tools to the Fisherman such as the metal file or the wood saw.
A much older version of the Fisherman with blue scales was also available. This model is highly sought after by collectors !

Some older versions of the Fisherman featured scissors with a small notch above the pivot joint for opening lead split-shot used on fishing lines.
- See image below and for more details see the scissors page.

Victorinox Fisherman 1.4733.72 blue
Blue Scaled Fisherman
Fisherman (with file) featuring scissors with notch
Fisherman (with file) featuring scissors with notch

Physical Specifications

Figures for current (2019) Fisherman:

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 99g


Original format product codes - Victoria/Victorinox - From the 1950s to the early 1970s

  • F235fma: Fischermesser (Fisherman's knife); blue Cellidor scales; fish inlay; metal file/saw; long nail-file
  • F235fmaU: Fischermesser; blue Cellidor scales;fish inlay; metal file/saw; long nail-file; bail
  • 246 kaU: Blue Cellidor scales; wood saw; long nail-file; bail; from the end of 1940s or early 1950s

  • 1.3773.72: Fischermesser (aka. Fisherman Deluxe); red Cellidor scales; fish inlay; metal file/saw; corkscrew
  • 1.4733.72: Blue Cellidor scales; fish inlay
  • 1.4733.72: Current (2019) Fisherman with fish inlay (US Model number - 53541)

Ed Note: There seems to be some inconsistency in the numbering here, as the older blue scaled model, has the same number as the current red scaled model - Usually blue vs red scales would drive a different suffix to the model code!

Related Models

  • Angler - Replaces the scissors and multipurpose hook with pliers; exchanges the Phillips drive for a corkscrew
  • Deluxe Angler - Adds pliers; exchanges the Phillips drive for a corkscrew - For details see the Angler page
  • Super Tinker - Removes the fishscaler/ruler


  • Bass - Similar knife made by Wenger
  • Master Fisherman - Similar knife made by Wenger, the nail-file instead of small blade


  • Fishtale - A similar model by SwissBuck, but without scissors

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