Victorinox Fisherman The Victorinox Fisherman is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife with Cellidor handles featuring an emblem of a fish inlaid at the bottom of the top scale. This knife has quite a long history, and its tool selection has changed over the years.

The Fisherman Plus (possibly not an official name) adds a wood saw to the Fisherman and was a less common model.

The Fisherman Plus is no longer available.

Layer Tools

Fish Emblem Inlay
Fisherman (and Angler) fish inlay

The Fisherman Plus adds the:

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red or blue (for older models) Cellidor scales with a special metal inlay on the top scale of a fish.


Historically several variations were available, adding additional tools to the Fisherman such as the metal file or the wood saw (see History below).
A much older version of the Fisherman with blue scales was also available. This model is highly sought after by collectors !


This model has a long, and slightly confusing, history, involving some significant tool changes, and which is also intertwined with the Angler model.
The fishscaler and back-spring Phillips were both introduced in 1952.
A catalogue from around that time (possibly a little later) shows a 'Sportfischer' (Fisherman) model which is available with a corkscrew (Model 235fa) or a Phillips screwdriver (Model 135fau) and optionally a wood saw (Model 236fau).
It also shows the blue-scaled 'Fischermesser'  (Fisherman's knife) which has the corkscrew and adds the metal file, and optionally a wood saw.

The modern distinction of the Fisherman having the back-spring Phillips drive and the Angler having the corkscrew probably came in in the mid-1970s.
Note: Early versions of the Angler also had the scissors, as opposed to the later/current versions which have the pliers.

Physical Specifications

Figures for current (2019) Fisherman:

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 99g


Original format product codes - Victoria/Victorinox - From the 1950s to the early 1970s

  • F235fma: Fischermesser (Fisherman's knife), blue Cellidor scales with fish inlay, metal file/saw, long nail-file
  • F235fmaU: Fischermesser (Fisherman's knife), blue Cellidor scales with fish inlay, metal file/saw, long nail-file, bail
  • 246 kaU: Blue Cellidor scales, wood saw, long nail-file, bail, from the end of 1940s or early 1950s

  • 1.3773.72: Fischermesser (Fisherman's knife, also known as Fisherman Deluxe), red Cellidor scales with fish inlay, metal file/saw, corcscrew
  • 1.4733.72: Blue Cellidor scales with fish inlay
  • 1.4733.72: Current (2019) Fisherman with fish inlay (US Model number - 53541)

Related Models

  • Angler - Replaces the scissors and multipurpose hook with pliers; exchanges the Phillips drive for a corkscrew
  • Deluxe Angler - Adds pliers; exchanges the Phillips drive for a corkscrew
  • Super Tinker - Removes the fishscaler/ruler


  • Bass - Similar knife made by Wenger


  • Fishtale - A similar model by SwissBuck, but without scissors

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