Fly Fisherman

Wenger fishing knife model 16945 The Wenger Fly Fisherman is an 85mm four-layer model designed for the fisherman.
It is one of several fishing oriented models, this one having an imprinted fishing fly lure image on the scales.
It is also one of the few to feature the flat Phillips screwdriver opposite the main-blade, rather than the typical small-blade or nail-file.

Discontinued model

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

The tool list in the image top right does not indicate any scale tools. However versions are known to exist, unusually, with tweezers only, and no toothpick. - See image above.


Standard red synthetic scales.


  1. A later release of this knife, named the Fisherman, had Evo scales and a simple fish printed on the scales (not hot stamp), with a standard keyring (no chain). This version used the same model number as the earlier Fly Fisherman.
  2. This knife was sold in Europe in the same configuration, but with a trout image imprinted on the scales (Catalog 1.19.25).
  3. There is a black version with the trout image imprinted on the scales - Possibly sold only in Japan (Catalog - See image above.


The Fly Fisherman model appears in the Wenger 1991 catalog.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (Nominal frame size)
  • Width: 28mm (with Evo scales)
  • Weight: 89g


  • 16945 Wenger N.A. model number: standard red scales with imprint. A later version (same model number) had red Evo scales, and a simple fish printed on the scales.
  • 1.19.25 Wenger AN: standard red scales with a trout imprint.
  • Wenger AN: standard black scales with a trout imprint (possibly sold only in Japan).
  • Wenger AN: red Evo scales, and a simple fish printed on the scales, with a standard keyring.

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