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Victorinox GolTool The Victorinox GolfTool is a special purpose multitool designed for golfers, in a unique frame size and shape, as such, it does not fit into any regular category of Swiss Army Knife.

It features some traditional Swiss Army Knife tools, but also some unusual tools designed specifically for golf and this model.

Regular Tools

Divot Tool Deployed
Divot Tool Deployed

Note: These tools are from the 74mm range

Golf Specific Tools

The divot tool and ball-marker are operable in one-handed mode

Scale Tools

The ever present:


The GolfTool handles are made of polyamide and are available in red (retired), black, ruby and sapphire.


The GolfTool was first introduced into the Victorinox lineup in 1999. Apparently, it was conceived and designed by a Victorinox employee who enjoyed golfing!
Prior to this Victorinox had manufactured various models for the golfer in the 58 and 91mm ranges, and also produced the Golfer models - that initially did not provide any tools specific to golf! Some models featured a divot tool and sometimes a ball marker. All these earlier models are withdrawn and the GolfTool is the only golfing model currently available.

Physical Specifications

GolfTool - Gift Set
GolfTool - Gift Set
  • Length: 91 mm
  • Width: 16.5 mm
  • Weight: 64 g


  • 0.7052: Red handles - (53918)
  • 0.7052.3: Black handles (53920)
  • 0.7052.T: Ruby handles (53962)
  • 0.7052.T2: Sapphire handles (53963)

US model numbers in brackets

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