Golfer 84mm

Here is a rare knife, an 84mm original Golfer with a long nail file. The Victorinox Golfer 84mm is a slim two-layer knife, thought of as the predecessor of the modern Compact. As the scissors are no longer available on any 84mm sized Victorinox knife, this model remains sought after.
It was made in two versions: The regular configuration, or with the addition of the long thin nailfile/cleaner on the back. The latter is highly sought after by collectors as well as others.
Starting with this knife, there were several changes over the years leading to the 91mm Golfer, eventually ending up with the Compact.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Horn Scaled Golfer
Horn Scaled Golfer

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor scales. Luxury versions, with long-nail-files, were also available with horn and mother-of-pearl scales.


  1. The early model 0.3102 has a small blade instead of the combo-opener tool.
  2. There is also a version of this model with the rare long nail-file/cleaner on the back.
  3. On some versions of this model the Combo Tool did not have a half-stop. This version of the combo tool had a more angular profile, with a straight edge directly above the nail nick, as opposed to the more common rounded edge on modern versions.
  4. Luxury versions with first class buffalo horn and mother of pearl handles.


The model numbers in the 0.16xx range and those in the 0.34xx seem to represent identical model configurations, and it is likely that this resulted from one of the changes in the numbering system that Victorinox has made over the years. This model was probably very popular in its day, as it was made available in luxury models with genuine horn and mother-of-pearl scales.
Its larger 91mm cousin the Climber with long-nail-file was still being produced in 2010 in very small quantities, but that was likely the end of the long-nailfile tool on the Swiss Army Knife!

Mother of Pearl Handles
Mother of Pearl Handles


  • 0.1602: Early 1980s model, no long-nail file
  • 0.1622: Early model with long-nail file
  • 0.3102: Early model, with small-blade instead of combo-opener tool
  • 0.3422: With the long-nail-file
  • 0.3422.61: Long-nail-file and horn scales
  • 0.3422.68: Long-nail-file and mother-of-pearl scales

Related Knives

  • Compact - A 91mm model that adds a multipurpose hook and Plus scales with related tools
  • Golfer 91mm - A 91mm model that adds a keyring and a ball-point ink pen, on later models the divot tool replaces the combo tool

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