Grand Prix

Victorinox Grand Prix The Victorinox Grand Prix is a 4 layer model, and is quite popular due to the beautiful inlayed vintage motor car.

This knife is the direct predecessor of the modern Mountaineer.

The photo shows a newer version with the multi-purpose hook and keyring, which is not typically included.

Discontinued model

Layer Tools

Antique Automobile Inlay
Antique automobile inlay

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor scales with a metal inlay of an antique automobile.


  1. Old Tool versions are quite numerous. An older version has the early fine-screwdriver (2.5mm) on the back of the Metal Saw/File layer, and does not include the hook on the back of the Scissors layer. No Keyring versions are available with the square and round shank Phillips. The can-key is available on both square and round shank Phillips versions.
  2. Typically does not include the keyring, but there are versions that do.
  3. The version with the fine screwdriver (2.5 mm) on the reverse has been reported as US Model 54040.
    Note: Two boxed Grand Prix knives mint from Victorinox labeled model 54040, did not have the fine-screwdriver, or the hook, they did have the round Phillips with can-key. These were NOS and could have been mislabeled as it appears they were not in their correct original boxes, or this item number may not be a precise indication of the tool configuration that has changed over time. Interesting also is that they did not include a keyring.
  4. The VSAKCS 2006 Anniversary Club Knife is a special version with the same basic tools, but was labeled an Astronaut. It features a Space Shuttle inlay the top scale, a special metal panel on the bottom scale engraved with "Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collectors Society", and a newer Stainless Steel metal-saw/file which does not exist on standard Grand Prix models. This special version also included a keyring.


The specific model 1.4743.73 was manufactured between 1980 and 1995 according to Victorinox.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.7mm
  • Weight:
    101.5g (vintage model: no-keyring, no hook, no fine-screwdriver),
    104g (vintage model: no-keyring, no hook, with fine-screwdriver),
    105.5g (later model: with keyring and hook).


  • 1.4743.73 Victorinox AN: - later model with hook, no fine-screwdriver, and keyring.
  • 1.4752.73 Victorinox AN: - earlier version with no hook, first backside fine-screwdriver, and can-key tool in square Phillips.
  • 54040 US Model: older model see: Variations

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