Huntsman Lite

Victorinox Huntsman Lite. Picture by jazzbass. The Victorinox Huntsman Lite is a five-layer 91mm Swiss Army Knife.

This is one of the later Lite  models adding a white LED light, in-line Phillips screwdriver layer, fine screwdriver, and additional scale tools, to the already well-established and well-equipped Huntsman.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Translucent ruby red Cellidor plus scales.


Several photos on the internet showed the Huntsman Lite as not  having the fine screwdriver, so there may be some early models without that tool.


Boxed Set Huntsman Lite - See images above

In September 2006 Victorinox produced a special limited edition of the Huntsman Lite with plus scales and a mini-screwdriver. The knife is numbered nnnn/1111, on the liner behind the corkscrew. It came in a 8" x 6.5" plexiglass and aluminum hinged presentation case. The knife is tucked inside the pocket of a 4" x 6" piece of what appears to be a swatch of denim, and attached with a metal chain from the knife's key ring to the belt loop of the the 'jeans', which hold a decorative leather belt.
The presentation case also contains two Swiss postage stamps: One of 100 centimes, picturing the 1890 Soldiers Knife; the other of 130 centimes, depicting the new ruby translucent Huntsman Lite, such as the one in the case. The stamps are mounted on a small metal plaque (2.25" x 3.25") and are 'postmarked' with a 'first-day-of-issue' stamp - in German, French, and Italian, with the date 2nd of September 2006, and Ibach 6438, Ibach being Victorinox's location in Switzerland and 6438 being its postal code. The plaque is also stamped nnnn/1111, matching the number of the knife.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 24.8mm
  • Weight: 121.5g


  • 1.7915.T: Translucent ruby red Cellidor scales (US Model Number: 53271)

Related Models

  • Mountaineer Lite - Metal saw/file replaces the wood saw
  • Huntsman - One layer thinner, no LED Light or inline Phillips screwdriver
  • Expedition Lite - Adds a metal saw, chisel, and electronic altimeter/barometer and other functions

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