Wenger Journeyman Serrated version model 16402 The Journeyman is a three-layer Wenger model with adjustable slip-joint pliers. The model shown here is the fully serrated version. Two similar models, which both feature a plain edge blade, were sold in the European market under catalog numbers 1.49.11 and 1.48.03. See the variations section for more details.

Discontinued model.
Model 1.49.11
Model 1.49.11

Layer Tools

  1. Knife Blade
  2. Small Clip-Point Blade - nail file on model 1.48.03
  3. Adjustable Pliers with Wire Crimpers and Cutter
  4. Patented Locking Screwdriver - Bottle Opener - Wire Stripper
  5. Can Opener

Back Layer Tools

  1. Awl - Reamer
  2. Phillips Screwdriver - corkscrew on model 1.48.03
  3. Keyring

Scale Tools

Model 1.48.03
Model 1.48.03


Standard red synthetic scales


  • Model number-16902-Plain Blade
  • Model number-16402- Serrated Journeyman - 100% Serrated Blade
  • Model 1.49.11 is the same as NA model 16902 and features a plain edge main blade and a long key chain.
  • Model 1.48.03 replaces the small blade with a nail file and the phillips driver with a corkscrew. It also adds long key chain, toothpick and tweezer.

The keyring attachment may have a small chain attached.


The Serrated Journeyman was introduced in 1998.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 17.25mm
  • Weight: 85.3g (with keychain)


  • 16902 Wenger NA: plain edge blade
  • 16402 Wenger NA: serrated blade
  • 1.49.11 Wenger AN: see variations
  • 1.48.03 Wenger AN: see variations

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