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Catalog page and actual knives from the Wenger luxury Lithos series.  These Knives have the main tools of the Esquire model, but feature 18K 10micron gold plated scales with highly polished stone inlays.  **Image by: vaswiss (SOSAK), image processing by ICFT. The Wenger Lithos Series are upmarket, luxury handled versions of the Esquire model containing the same layer tools, but excluding the toothpick, tweezers and keyring.
They featured 18 karat gold plating and high quality, highly polished, inlaid stone scales. They also featured a unique true ceramic nail file, with the ceramic substrate bonded to the metal tool.
The packaging included a bright gold-foil outer slip cover that enclosed a wooden presentation box.
They were marketed under the 'Wenger Max' branding.

Discontinued models.
Wenger Lithos - Blue Bahia. Pictures by victor7000.
Blue Bahia
Blue Bahia
Wenger Lithos - Sardo Bianco. Pictures by victor7000.
Bianco Sardo
Bianco Sardo

Layer Tools


Luxury 18 karat gold plated (10 microns) bordered metal scales with polished stone inlays in one of four varieties, with the Wenger Swiss Cross emblem on the top scale.


Four different stones in the handle inlays - See Identifiers.


The Lithos Series was introduced in January 1992. Models were supplied in a solid wood presentation box, along with a black leather slipcase with folding closure and featuring the gold Wenger Max logo. The Wenger Max logo may be market specific, and simply the equivalent of the Elite Series in North America.


  • 1.86.80: Azul Bahia - Brazilian yellow granite with dark blue (16680)
  • 1.86.81: Jaspis Landscape - South African subtle shades of brown (16681)
  • 1.86.82: Blue Bahia - Brazilian granite, pale blue (16682)
  • 1.86.83: Bianco Sardo - White Sardinian (Italy) granite (16683)

US Model numbers in brackets

Related Models

  • Macao Series - Another very similar luxury series with gold and inlaid lacquer scales, no ceramic nail-file
  • Esquire - Same layer tools, adds toothpick, tweezers, and keyring; different non-luxury scale options


  • Deluxe - Similar luxury Victorinox models featuring enamel scales
  • RocKnives Series - Victorinox models with stone scales
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