New Locksmith - Post 2017 changes The Locksmith is a 111mm model by Victorinox. The large main blade and cap lifter are both locking using the later liner-lock.
It comes in standard scratch resistant nylon handles, and includes both metal and wood saws.

Layer Tools

Original version
Original version

The original version (pre 2017) had a plain-edged, nail-nick blade - see image opposite

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Originally available with black synthetic scales which were standard for the liner-lock models. Following the 2017 changes it was only available in red.


In 2011 a one-handed-opening (OHO) partially serrated blade model was introduced (Model: 0.8493.MW3). This model is no longer availale (2017)

2011 OH Locksmith
2011 OH Locksmith

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 21mm
  • Weight: 152.5g


  • 0.8493.M: Post 2017 version: OHO plain blade, red scales
  • 0.8493.3: Original version (retired - 2017): Plain blade, black scales - (US Model number: 53845)
  • 0.8493.MW3: OHO version (retired - 2017): Partially serrated blade, black scales

Related Models

  • Master - No woodsaw, the only other liner-lock model with metal saw/file - until the 2017 changes
  • Trailmaster/Trekker - No metal saw/file
  • Tradesman - Slide-lock model that adds pliers, inline Phillips, and changes the back-spring Phillips for a corkscrew

Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock Model Comparison Table

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