Victorinox Lumberjack 84mm. Pictures by ColoSwiss. The Victorinox Lumberjack is an 84mm model. The simple two-layer design makes it popular with those looking for a minimalist package. In some markets this model was called the Plumber.

Discontinued model.
However in 2015 Victorinox issued a 'new' standard model the Walker: a red Cellidor scaled version with toothpick and tweezers.

The Victorinox Alox Lumberjack became very popular from 2008. It is not a regular production model, but is manufactured from time to time on request for specific dealers or distributors. The Alox Lumberjack has been made in a wide variety of different colored Alox scales, but never includes the toothpick or tweezers. The US dealer Swiss Bianco has been the primary dealer offering this model. It is produced in very small quantities compared to regular Victorinox models.

Layer Tools

An older ribbed Alox Lumberjack with the regular opener/SD - Next to a more modern one with the Combi Tool
An older ribbed Alox Lumberjack with the regular opener/SD - Next to a more modern one with the Combi Tool
Picture by philodemus.
A smooth ALOX version
A smooth ALOX version
Regular and Combi opener versions
Regular and Combi opener versions
Regular silver Alox / Blue Cellidor / New Combi
Regular silver Alox / Blue Cellidor / New Combi

Scale Tools


Alox, Nylon Economy, and Cellidor.


The earlier horizontally ribbed Alox scaled model 2231 had a similar configuration, as well as this smooth Alox version, but they were not known as Lumberjacks at the time. They had a regular cap-lifter/screwdriver.
The model 2231 did evolve into the first Alox Lumberjack configuration with the substitution of the cap-lifter tool for the original version of the combination opener/screwdriver tool.

In 2015 the Walker version was introduced with standard red Cellidor scales including the toothpick and tweezers.


  1. The Economy Lumberjack did not include toothpick and tweezers, and its reverse tang stamp may be 'ECONOMY' depending on its age.
  2. The Economy Lumberjack with cap-lifter (2.1311) is less common, and features the regular cap-lifter with the stripper/bender notch.
  3. Victorinox made a few 91mm Lumberjacks with various scales for the Swiss/US dealer Swiss Bianco. These models also added a Phillips screwdriver to the back.
  4. A popular mod project is to turn a My First Victorinox Plus into a Lumberjack by swapping out the main blade from a similar 84mm knife such as the Bantam or by re-profiling the tip of the blunted blade.

The Contemporary Alox Lumberjack

  1. A special run of only 162 knives* with Alox Scales (no toothpick and tweezers) was made available in 2007.
  2. Also offered in 2007 was a run of Lumberjacks with nylon scales, which included the toothpick and tweezers, and were coloured blue, white, or black .
  3. In 2009 a very limited run of 84mm Alox Lumberjacks* in orange, gold, light green and camo-splash was released.
  4. A special-run of fifty brown Alox Lumberjacks was made in February 2011. The knives feature individually numbered blades 50/n with their number from the series, and no keyring.
  5. In March 2011 a small number of silver Alox Lumberjack models with the standard red shield* were released and in June 2011, a number of blue and olive-green Alox Lumberjacks* were also released.
  6. In August 2012, a small quantity of Alox Lumberjack in sunset orange* was produced.  This shade of orange is not known to have been used before, but several other models were produced at the same time with this new color.
  7. In January 2013 a small exclusive special-run of copper colored Alox Lumberjacks* was released. This edition had a red anodized shield background with the red being a less saturated shade compared to the regular red shields. This particular run used a non-standard Aluminum liner between the layers rather than the typical nickle-silver based liner used in Alox models. Several other models were produced with copper colored anodizing at the same time.

* These models were collaborations between Victorinox and Swiss Bianco, a Swiss/US knife maker/dealer.


  • 2.0511: Cellidor scales, no toothpick or tweezers, hot-stamped 'Economy' shield
  • 2.1311: Cellidor scales, regular cap-lifter replaces combo-tool, no toothpick or tweezers, hot-stamped 'Economy' shield
  • 2.2313: Red Nylon scales, silver hot stamp shield
  • 0.2313: Red Cellidor scales, keyring, tweezers and toothpick: The Walker version

Related Models

  • Bantam - One layer smaller; no saw
  • Voyageur - Replaces the saw with scissors
  • My First Victorinox Plus - Same basic design; blunt tipped blade
  • Lumberjack - Big - A relatively rare 91mm version of this model
  • Camper - Similar functionality; 91mm; three-layers; adds the awl and corkscrew
  • Hiker - Similar functionality; 91mm; three-layers; adds the awl and Phillips screwdriver
  • Farmer - Similar functionality; 93mm; alox scales; three layers; adds a reamer; replaces the combi tool with regular openers


  • Classic 66 - A similar model from Wenger; adds a corkscrew
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